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Hi all! Little update on my impending divorce and how I've been doing.  I told my stbx that I am starting proceedings... I had been holding off while I got all my ducks in a row but spur of the moment told him a little earlier than planned.

Last night I had a vision...

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A little background, I haven't discussed my intentions to divorce with my H. I still have to get some affairs in order and should be all set in a few weeks. As horrible as my H is, I decided to bide that time trying to establish as best a base to continue with him as possible.  I have always been one of those people who puts up for far too long and then completely cuts off contact and, since we have 2 young kids, I know that is not possible here. We need to get to a point where we are at least civil. So we went to the gym together one day. The next day H is splayed out on the couch...

Update - Big Career Change

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I want to thank everyone who gave me advice on my last blog about my career change.  I decided to stay at my old company.  When I told the owners of the company that I was going to leave they fired the office bitch and gave me her position, matched the new company's salary offer plus a few grand a year (more than doubling my income), a company car plus all car expenses (gas, maintenance, repairs), and complete control over the functions of the company.   It's been 5 days.

It is done... Oops... Nope spoke too soon...

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They never really grow up...


So, stepspawn turned 18 a few months ago... H has been traveling every weekend since for hs graduation, birthday party, going away to join the navy party, tote you around to every relative to be showered with praise... 


Folks, the results are in. 6 days. He made it 6 days of bootcamp. Whomp whomp whomp.