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My Skidult, the Vet

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I realized that H's son has officially been an adult for a little while now and I never gave him a new, big boy knickname.  Skid formerly knows as "H's Spawn" is now "Skidult".  Moving on.... an update and a question....

So, H's skidult has finally made it home from his stint in Navy bootcamp.  Trust me, every day I make a small sacrifice of junk food wrappers and skid marked boxers to the step gods that PrisonMom has kept him since her latest release and the word "home" in no way shape or form involves MY home.  May her meth runs be stealthly and her thefts fly under the radar, forever and ever- amen.  Not sure exactly when he got back but it was last week, so about 4 weeks total give or take.  With his undiagnosable, but definetely real, really REAL injury - he was actually participating in bootcamp for about 3-6 days.  

Believe me, I try to ignore it all but H has been on this kick of giving everyone play-by-play updates on his skidult (myself included) and then even updating me with the updates about updating people - thus prolonging my suffering and making redirection a near constant aspect of our conversations as pervasive in my day to day life as distracting my almost 2 year old from shiny, throat sized things.  

The latest phone call, H asks skidult what his plan is.  I know you have all been waiting for it:  Game Warden or Helicopter Paramedic.  Not really sure where he is going with the Game Warden thing, best I can guess is he has been obsessed with hunting ever since that first time he threatened to bring H's hunting rifles to school to shoot people and the school administrators just thought he "was angry" and let it go.  But the Helicopter Paramedic, skidult "wants to save lives".  A fresh 180 degree turn from his repeated threats to 'ruin mine' as recently as 2-1/2 years ago.  They grow up so fast.  Sigh.

My question is, H started telling me that skidult told him that because he was in bootcamp and his discharge was not dishonorable (I was fading in and out of Don't Give a Damnland - can't remember if it was general or what but H did say it was not medical) that he is entitled to veteran's benefits, such as health care for life and education and I was like, "Oh Step Satan, you better hold my tax paying dignity and not let me say something I am going to regret...." and I have been gnawing the inside of my lip since.  Anyone with any US military experience who can fill me in?  Seems like a tremendous waste to extend such generous benefits to lazy a$$ skidult for his generous 6 days or service when we seem to provide such lack luster care for real service members.

Makes me think my prediction for him to follow in PrisonMom's shackled footshufflings is pretty much true, stolen valor is a federal crime and it's only a matter of time before skidult starts running his "veteran mouth" and trying to swindle every free small fry he can on Veteran's Day.


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AHAHAHAHAHAH. He's entitled to nothing unless he can make it through dang bootcamp. And then he only gets it IF he's honorably discharged. Which a discharge from BOOTCAMP is not. It's not dishonorable either though. it's normally a failure to adapt or medical. Which means you're not entitled to benefits. You have to at the BARE minimum make it through bootcamp before falling apart medically.

I was supposed to join the military, still might if we can get Psycho to give up the girls and stop holding on and preventing us from moving *eye roll.* DH was military, and I know a few people discharged and have tons of friends in the military. The ones in boot camp aren't linked to the military. Yes their enlistement TECHNICALLY starts the day boot camp does. But failure to adapt means they never techically earned the title. You have to earn it first.

But my experience is also purely with a different branch than the Navy. So who knows. Maybe the Navy does it different, I just really like to doubt that tax money will go to that disaster. He's no more a Veteran than I am. (though fingers crossed, I hopefully will be one someday....)

We have a family friend that flunked bootcamp. He doesn't get benefits, and doesn't count as a veteran, and won't be able to receive benefits becuase he didn't work for them.

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That's what I would think, but I know absolutely nothing about the military.  No one in my family is a vet and I certainly am not one... or maybe I am, I did take a pamphlet from a recruiter once in college and told him I would think about it just to be nice.

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I trained with both the officer canidates and the enlisted side for a year and a half... So I guess I'm one too?

I originally delayed just for a bit while we got things figured out, then the delay extended due to new custody issues and therapy. So the plan now is getting DH through school, seeing if Psycho drops off on her own, if not going back to court and then I'll FINALLY go.

All else fails with custody I'll go by myself for the first enlistment, which will suck, but DH understands if I don't go I'll regret it.

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I had a sneaking suspicion he was gonna try and get something for nothing!

Good Lord it must be soooo hard to not say something truthful about the situation to your husband while he is droning on about ss "awesomeness". 

Game Warden or Helicopter Medic



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Yeah, I love "Game Warden" or "Helicopter Medic".  lol.  OK, off to an EMT program then.  Hope your painful leg doesn't keep you from helping those hurt people.

I'm so glad my DH doesn't see anything awesome about his son's immaturity.

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My neighbor kid (I think he's 19 now tho) has been in training for years to be an EMT/Firefighter - since high school.  He's been a volunteer as well since high school - and that means being ready at a moments notice to literally run out the door to go help people.  At any time of day.  In any weather.  And be very fit. 

Nope, don't see this happening. 

Don't game wardens have to have a zoology degree or something?

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My DH is a volunteer firefighter.  :) 

You don't have to be too fit - he's in decent shape, but middle-aged. You do have to be willing to drop what you are doing and go for a call though.

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My SS18 wants to be a professional video game player.  Game Warden would be a step up for him.

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My friend's son actually *is* a professional video game player. He makes 6 figures.  It's good work if you can get it.

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Both Game Warden and Helicopter Medic are fairly bad @ss jobs that require a fairly significant amout of physical stamina. Real real REAL injuries will not be allowed. College and/or techical courses for both. And let's not forget about background investigations. He wouldn't make it past an interview telling them about his "vet" status. 

Good luck skidult. 

Hopefully your dh doesn't waste money sending him to various schools. 

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Yeah no, they don't get benefits for life just for showing up, this isn't little league, you have to actually RETIRE from the military to get lifetime benefits.

My father is retired military, my uncle, my granfather, my brother (someday), so yeah no! I have friends who did their basic time and even they don't have lifetime benefits, instead they do have the advantage of VET points when applying for government positions.

Skidult should seriously look into deep sea's dangerous, mysterious and has the high probability of never being heard from again....

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the " ... deep sea diving ... it's dangerous, mysterious and has the high probability of never being heard from again." (Mentally bookmarking this idea.)

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You are hysterically funny.  You provided me with the best laughs of the day (maybe even weeks).  Seriously, you are one funny lady!

Now, as for your SS, if he didn't make it through boot camp, he is not a veteran -- honorably discharged or not.  He is a "failure to lauch" and many more things, but NOT a veteran! (I worked with the GAO in the military oversight division)

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H started telling me that skidult told him that because he was in bootcamp and his discharge was not dishonorable ...that he is entitled to veteran's benefits, such as health care for life and education 

The key part is "skidult told him". DH still believes everything his son tells him. 

My understanding is you don't get a discharge (medical, honorable, dishonorable) until you finish boot camp. From boot camp you get a separation from service which does not give you life long health care.

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army boot camp and was deployed to Iraq to set up network equipment.  He came down with type 1 diabetes and has permanent military healthcare and the GI bill.  Chef made it through army bootcamp and served 5 months until he needed to leave due to his mother's terminal illness.   Chef will NOT claim benefits as he is "too proud."   My son made it through air force basic and re-enrolled for another six years. 

Yeah i think you have to make it through bootcamp/basic training.

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My SD18 flunked our of boot camp a month ago. She lasted like 4ish days and three of those were spent filling out paperwork lmao. I guess I didn’t pray hard enough to the step gods because she is holed up in her room upstairs right now stagnating and doing nothing with her life. She still parades around in her Coast Guard garb (wearing Coast Guard hats, sweaters, shirts etc) though like she actually made it more than a week. She must be a veteran too! 


Edit: Also he was probably discharged as “uncharacterized” RE3 meaning he will need a waiver to go back if he ever wanted too oh and good luck if he ever wants to get a state or federal job or work in any type of law enforcement- not gonna happen

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My DH is a 20 year veteran of the USAF. Skipinnochio is entitled to nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Added note, my DH had 14 years in the back of a rescue helicopter. He has knee, back, neck and shoulder issues as a result. Due to his training, the man would stop whatever he was doing when the phone rang due to being in work mode...and I do mean stop anything.. 

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Skid is lying and dad is a sucker. If they gave everyone free health care and college for washing out in three days, everyone would do it.