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who's worse!!!?!!?

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Is your husband ever more of the problem than a skid!! Mine sure the fuck is!!! I hate how he parents and he doesn't listen for shit!!! My SD12 cleans up and listens better than my DH. Sometimes I don't know if I'll be able to live like this forever!!! He sets a horrible example for his daughter and ours!!!#!


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Why do husbands think its ok to be friends with there kids and not a parent first.
You don't stay up late with your kids watching family guy. You don't make jokes with them that you would your buddies.
I dont get it!!!! And I'm talking about an 11 yr old girl!!

My SD11 thought it was ridiculous that I didn't let her watch Teen Mom. Not in so many words but with her sighing and facial expressions. Fucking annoying!! Your 11 SD you don't need to be watching grown up shit that you know nothing about. Stop thinking that your 20 and can do what you want.

Haven't had to post in awhile but...

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The last couple of days SD11 has been annoying the shit out of me!!! I think it's probably b/c I was hoping she would have stayed more days with BM(well bms mom really). You see her mom only has visitation and she stays at her grandmas every other weekend and her mom is allowed to see her there. Well we told her Gma that it's technically her 4th to be with her mom so she could stay the week up there if she wanted to(it's an hour and a half away). Well SD11 didn't want to so there was the end of that.

Summer break ugh!!!!!

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Dear god pleasee help me!!!! It was the last day of school Sad It's my first full time summer with SD11.( since receiving custody of her in Jan.) I could barely handle when it was one week on one week off! 3 effing months of being with her all day on my days off work sounds like torture! Is everyone else dreading their summer?!?

Home is not a sanctuary!/Stepmonster book...good?

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Sitting in the car after work,cause I do not wanna go home!!! DH is home with SD and his nephews apparently he's baby sitting them tonight. News to me! I do NOT want to go home to a house of kids that are not mine! BD2 is in bed already, so there goes the only reason to go home! Lol. On a side note I just picked up my copy of Stepmonster. How many of you have read it? Was it good/insightful??

Skids and there existence

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Do you ever wish SKIDS never existed?!??!! Do you wonder how much better/easier life would be???!!?! I dare to say I think dark thoughts about this. Lol. While I have to deal with whinny back talk and pushing boundaries about bedtime and everything and anything else from SD10. DH(dickhead) is playing Xbox with headphones on and not a clue of anything. Don't get me wrong for the most part he is 50/50 on parenting and almost always backs me up; it's just that parenting a step-kid is NOT the same as parenting your own.

SD and her roller coaster emotions

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Just when I think I can't stand anymore of SD10's whiny ass voice and loud abnoxious laugh(done that way just to irritate me....she asks me to pray with her before bed, she says she prays every night. Then she prays that I have a good day tom and that her sister my BD2 is good for me. Oh the roller coaster ride of a step-parent!!