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Haven't had to post in awhile but...

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The last couple of days SD11 has been annoying the shit out of me!!! I think it's probably b/c I was hoping she would have stayed more days with BM(well bms mom really). You see her mom only has visitation and she stays at her grandmas every other weekend and her mom is allowed to see her there. Well we told her Gma that it's technically her 4th to be with her mom so she could stay the week up there if she wanted to(it's an hour and a half away). Well SD11 didn't want to so there was the end of that.

I have not had any time off from her except eow since DH got custody in jan. and going from having her eow to have her ALL the time is a huge difference!

The minute that she returned everything about her pissed me off, I mean like even the sound of her voice. I told myself not to get my hopes up about having some time off from her. Buts let's be honest here...I did. And when she called on sat and said she didnt wanna stay any extra time there that was a HUGE disappointment!!!

Ahhh whats been annoying me lately, the way she interacts with BD2. Shes soo in your face and aggressive towards her and she wonders why BD2 gets irritated whenever she is around her!!!!! SD11 is so nosy, always has to but in and know what's going on. She's so tactless. I swear she likes to show off her body all the time. In a bathing suit she is always rolling it up so she can show as much skin as possible(hoochie). She goes and squats and pees in the corner of the yard when she's swimming so she doesn't have to dry off and go inside( b/c that would be too much of an inconvenience). So tactless and gross, no manners, who does that! BM probably! The attitudeand the talk backs piss me off the MOST!!!!!!!!! And the way she interacts with MY daughter too!!!!!

On the way home from the cookout at the ils I had an overwhelming urge to punch her in the face and in fact visioned that I did so!! Lol! She was like how come we didn't get any fireworks this year. DH was like we are tight on money this yr and we are saving money to fix the hot tub. Then she said all smart assy we bought Papa(my dad) fireworks for fathers day. If was a fucking present SD. Then I snapped back (cause I was pissed). We bought you and iPod for your birthday. Should we not have bought you a present. And DH( whom I love!) chimed in and said yeah your iPod was a lot of money!! So i was thinking if we hadn't got you an expensive gift maybe we would of bad money for fireworks! Greedy bitch!!!!

Whheww I feel better!!!


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I'm the same when it comes to SD10.5.... she bugs the crap out of me. all she really cares about is herself, everything has to be about her at all times. she's the same way as your sd with DD2, always aggressive, bossing her around, won't share, in her space. yesterday was supposed to just be our immediate family until bm called and of course after that our whole day revolved around sd! not to mention I'm past my due date so I'm horomonal! sd talks shit about me to everyone, calls me names, lies.... never listens to me. when she got here yesterday she gave me a fake hug and said "hows my favorite step mom?" i said, "i thought you tell everyone I'm mean and you hate me" she was shocked!!! i guess she doesn't get that i find out about what she says about me!!!