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Just a hello and a quick update to life!!

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My laptop died and I have not been on here in forever!!

So on the last day of school I dropped off SD16 at BM's mothers house for the summer!! I didn't get two miles away and she is already texting me a list of stuff she forgot to bring like her phone charger, ipod charger and laptop charger. Big surprise!

I only heard from her a couple of times asking stupid questions but other than that I am in heaven without her!! I wish it could be this way all the time.

As I type, my crockpot is cooking away in the kitchen with yummy vegetable beef soup. SD's hands won't be in it stealing all the potatoes. I don't have to hide anything in the house.

Oh and BM's mother made her take the job with BM at the mental hospital or she was sending SD back to us for the summer!! So she is actually working!! The only thing that may suck is if she doesn't get her license by September I will be stuck driving her to work if she is not fired by then but I am not going to think about it now.

And DH paid $750 for her to go to driving school. The first part of it is two weeks of night classes, 3 hours per night. She already skipped one class to go see fireworks with her friends!! The class has to be made up though. Oh well, not my problem!!

And that is all. I am hoping to save up enough money to get a new laptop soon. I am sick of using my phone for everything. My eyeballs hurt!! I have an ipad mini but DH and BD5 use it sometimes so I don't want to log onto ST and forget to delete my history or something!!


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Thanks for your update, I have wondered about you and how things were going. Its sounds positive overall, so glad for you on that.

About the soup..can we talk? Lol sure sounds yummy!!!

Glad your getting a laptop soon and look forward to hearing more from you. Smile

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Thanks!! Well its been about 100 degrees in my house so I live for my crockpot. Today is in the 70's so soup sounded good. The kids actually love it and always ask me to make it!!

I am so peaceful and happy but the minute I hear SD is coming home I might crack!! She was tweeting the other day that she wanted to come home because she missed the dogs. Of course it was right after I had gone food shopping. Its like she knows there's food!!!

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Yes they do know when the good foods are

Summer can be a bit tricky when it comes to cooking and not wanting to heat up the house further but I rely on cooking over the campfire when possible. I might have to use your idea and start using the crockpot, you can't beat homemade soup!

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I was wondering how your summer was going with out SD.

It's been hot here but we have great A/C so cooking is not a problem.