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Summer break ugh!!!!!

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Dear god pleasee help me!!!! It was the last day of school Sad It's my first full time summer with SD11.( since receiving custody of her in Jan.) I could barely handle when it was one week on one week off! 3 effing months of being with her all day on my days off work sounds like torture! Is everyone else dreading their summer?!?


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KLM, i feel your pain. thank the Lord that rotten beast is out of school and old enough to not be here for visits anymore, but i remember when i found out she was moving in full time. i couldn't hardly take eowe and half the summer, i thought i was going to die. and i didn't even get eowe breaks, because bm moved across the country!

it wasn't easy and it probably shaved years off of my life, but i did survive. you will, too. find lots of summer activities for her to attend!

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I am so dreading the summer. Ugh SD15 everyday, all day makes me want to get in the car and keep on driving!!!

Lets hope she has friends to hang out with and stays away alot.

Even DD10 and BD4 drive me up the wall if I am with them nonstop.

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OP, have you looked into summer camps?

SDs 5 and 7 are going to a free camp while they are with us next month. At first DF said no because camps here are so expensive. (He didn't know there were free camps). Since I'm not going back to work until September, he just figured they could hang out with me all day. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE

I made it my business to find a camp. We're going to WDW the first week of July. After the trip they will attend the camp from 9-5 for 3 weeks. I may sign them up for one week of Vacation Bible School(1-2 hours per day) if I can find a local chuch with an evening program.