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Idiot step daughter full of cold because she won't wear a coat!

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I am beyond pissed off! The silly bitch whom is walking around wearing short tops, no sleeves and no coat, has walked in snivelling her head off with a cold!! I am due to give birth in the next 3 weeks.
If I catch a cold now, it's going to be awful.
I am sick to death of this kid, and potentially making me ill at this last stage of pregnancy just so she goes around thinking she looks good is making my blood boil.
She has been told and told and told yo get a grip and I am sick of it.

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She might have a cold because it's cold and flu season. I have a cold right now and ALWAYS dress warmly because I'm always cold. EVERYONE around me has something. Just be glad it's not the flu. I know you don't like her but this is pretty dramatic.

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I agree! Had she had made an effort and tried to keep a degree of warm I totally understand its a horrible time for colds. However, walking around in short sleeves and shorts without a coat is pretty stupid when you are 12!
It's also been discussed with her to learn about wellness.
This is not about like or dislike, it's about dealing with lack of common sense and stupidity again and again! Which yet again is impacting me Sad

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And people flatly refusing to cover their mouths whilst coughing and sneezing. Arrrrrgh! It is not a hard thing to do people! Makes me seriously stabby. FH and the skids think I am nuts because the first thing I do when I come in the house is wash my hands and, if I have been somewhere like the grocery store, my face as well. I am also the only one in the house who gets a flu shot. (Yes - I know that they are not as effective this year but better something than nothing IMHO.)

They have been sick almost constantly. I have had only one day when I thought I might be coming down with something but I think I was just more tired than usual. But now that I have bragged, just watch - I will come down with the creeping crud and be on here whining about how rotten I feel and that no one will bring me tea! LOL

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Yep. What everyone else said. You don't get a cold from what you wear, from being wet, blah blah blah. Its from coming in contact with bacteria/virus.

The BEST defense against a cold and flu is hand washing, not a warm coat.

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I don't think it helps if you are not looking after yourself, wearing appropriate clothing and keeping warm is no big deal. Walking around freezing cold to look good and then ending up more at risk of coughs and colds is a different matter. Dont you guys try and keep your children warm for a reason? There are well documented preventative measures to help avoid the spread of this shit!!

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Everyone has already done chapter and verse on bacteria/virus transmission and infection prevention. I will, however, chime in on how utterly ridiculous these kids look shivering in the cold. I don't get it. They think they look good wearing a tank top and leggings with no coat in 20 degree weather? No honey - you look like a hooker. At least hookers have a REASON not to cover up while walking down the street. You just look like you were too dumb to grab a coat.

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Yeah - cold and wet does not make you sick. I surf - and I have surfed very cold Northern California waves - wet, freezing, shaking cold - but you stay out because the waves are so good. I have stayed out till I can no longer feel my toes and fingers - never once got sick. But the defrosting of your limbs hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. lol

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Yes exactly! Fit as a fiddle.... The irony is like I say teaching her about wellness and fitness! Work up a sweat and you naturally need to strip off! She is not helping herself at all, with anything, at any time. I am sick of it.

She forgets to even get herself a drink! Unless she is given it or reminded.
It's utterly dire!!!

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Kids that are dressed for summer in the winter look like idiots- cold or no cold.

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I actually saw a new study showing that being cold does lower immunity. Still takes a virus to get you sick though. Eating crappy like kids do has more of an effect than what they wear.

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My SD12 never wears jacket in winter. It would hide her cleavage! I cannot believe DH doesn't comment on her choice of attire. She is always sick, too. However, for her it is poor diet and hygiene making her more susceptible to germs. I keep sanitizer wipes handy and clean all surfaces, phones, remote controls, door knobs, etc. and change all hand towels when she leaves.

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I sort of re read my post and can see it looks lame in a way. I forget that others can't see the whole picture of this girl, I wished to God it was as simple as a cold, but it's not. I will leave it there I think as I came here for a little bit of support. Thanks for those whom have been ace x f

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I gave up on coats/sweaters last year. They get a new sweater or two and a new raincoat and winter coat each year (not expensive learned my lesson there and DP buys now). And we warn them it's cold and you need a coat. SD9 listens but SD11? Ha! So she makes her choice and lives with it. We don't put up with any complaining and she is sure as hell not getting my coat or scarf if she was too stubborn to bring her own. Too bad, so sad darling.