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They did it again to my DH! I'm pissed!!!!!

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Another slap in the face by SD9, our Christmas holiday started Dec17 and ends Dec26. Well last time we had the girls the youngest 6 said she didnt want to come down anymore, my DH rule is I will never make you come to my house I would love for you to so I can see you girls but I am never going to make you. So we knew that we where only getting one girl for that time, sucked but we will deal with it I would rather her stay home with BM then come here a cause problems.

Really??? We could have use all that stuff!

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My lost post I told you about us having problems with my 2 SD well we talked to the oldest 9 and things are back on the right track for now with her our youngest 6 still having problems she doesn't want to come see us anymore she doesn't like it here. My DH has always siad he will never force them to come if they don't want to which I'm glad cause when they are here and unhappy just drags us all down.

I looked like an A** but felt oh so good doing it.

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SKids have been little butts since BM took DH to court. Where it all started. My DH was the one who could say where the kids lived all that stuff. Well during the summer BM didn't like that DH could do that anymore so during her time with kids got them all ready for court scared the kids and afraid to come to their dads house. BM was telling the girls to get ready to go talk to the judge and tell him you want to live with me not your dad, so my DH didn't want the girls to have to go though all that BS so he gave in.

Does BM want something or did she find a cup of nice?!?

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Wow! That wasn't as bad as I though t it was going to be. We had to meet with BM to talk about parenting plan. She was alone that's crazy cause she always needs protection. From she says me cause she doesn't know what I will do to her! What I would like to do to her and what I will do to her are two different things! LOL She didn't yell she didn't use ugly words, just went smooth! Makes me wonder if she wants something. Well she did one thing rolled her stupid eyes ever time she would talk I wanted to hit her upside her head to make them stop!

Just hurt and sad :(

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I dont know what to do. I have told you before that my skids have lied about me lied to me about other people and then told me they didnt like me never had and never will. :? With all that I havent opened my pocket book to them dont take them to do fun stuff, just thought if you dont like me why the HELL am I going to spend MY money on your butts. Me and my DH have talked before about me not wanting to do a whole lot with them cause of the actions that they have had, he agreed which was a shock those are his little girls!


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How many of you step parents feel this way? My 2SD have lied about me to their BM and that side of the family and for a while now is starting to lie about mY DH. Then they come down here and tell us lies about that side of the family, once we found out what they were doing I can say we stop trusting a lot of what they said. On the other hand BM side still hangs on every word that they say, which is 95% of the time BS about me! So I have told my DH when they are here I'm not doing any extra and for sure NO fun!

maybe someone knows the trick

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I want to ask how you can get BM to agree to things she is already doing in writing so we can get it put in the papers? For almost a year now she has meet up almost half way when we get and take back the skids. This is one thing she holds over my DH head if she doesn't like something he does then fine you come all the way so now the drive goes from a 2hrs and 15mmin to 4 1/2hrs it sucks! And taxes before they even got a divorce or papers on the girls as long as one of them paid child support to the other one they would split the girls on taxes. That way they could both have one on taxes.

BM set up voice mail....... Part 2! New Ideas

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So I ask you guys yesterday your thought on what we should do about the voicemail we got from BM that we belive was a set up. All of you told me to ignore it, thats what me and my DH were leaning towards. I told you that my mom said that we also needed to leave it alone. Then we were at dinner last night talking to my mom and some friends about it this is what we got from them.

If you leave it alone shes going to know you got it and you just dont want a fight or problems and she knows it bugged us.