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In Vegas with BM.......... Update

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So for those of you who read my post about me and my hubby going to Vegas then we find out BM is going too. Our trip was great beautiful
Wedding my friends had! I was in shock that we saw BM there me and my DH walked the other way didn't want problems the night of my friends wedding! Wow she was one hell of a brides maid let me tell you, chest falling out of her dress :jawdrop: and it looked like her hair was in a ponytail! I had thought about what one of you said and spill a drink on her if I would have had the guts to go over! Just wanted to let you guys know what happened, I don't think she saw us but she did leave that voicemail on our phone about an hour after we saw her! Who the hell knows


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She's talking to her friends talking crap about me and how much the girls don't like me. I posted a blog about it- BM set this up I'm sure