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Need to ask.... But also hate to worried of the answers I'll get back

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Just need to vent and ask how things are for others. BM does have primary of the skids 9 & 6 does she still have to tell my DH if she is going out of state with them? For a wedding in Las Vegas the kids are not in the wedding and its 14 hrs away? She is taking them out of school for 2 or 3 days and the oldest is already having a hard time in school not understanding, grades are not as good as they once were. What are your thoughts on this?


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Is there a court order in place? If so, there is likely something in the order about it. If not, she is not obligated to say anything to him.

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Both parents can typically do what they want on their parenting time. Unless there is something specific in the parenting plan that states either parent is forbidden to take the children out of state (which is very rare) then she can take them wherever she wants with or without notifying the other parent.

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Ours is supposed to get permission from the other to take them out of state. Check your agreement. Your DH should also talk to his lawyers... they may be able to stop her from going.

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DH's order says that too. Of course, DH & I never have money to take skids out of town. BM & her mom take them to the beach every year & never bother to get authorization.

I don't guess it's a big deal really. DH knows the skids enjoy going & he'd never not authorize it. There's really never been reason to.

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The thing is when we have had them for summer time or spring break and we are wanting to go out of town she will throw a BIG FIT cause she thinks we have to tell her. We have looked in the court order and it doesn't say either way but now that she the shoe is on the other foot she's not telling us anything I just found out cause of good old facebook!!!!

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If your order doesn't say that a parent needs to notify or get permission from he other to go out of state then she is not in the wrong. Although kids can't be in casinos and such there are still fun things for kids to do in Vegas, FYI.

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If there's nothing in the court order, as a parent it's her right to take them where she wishes to on her time. Same as it's your DH's right to take him where he wishes to on his time.

With nothing specified in the order, your DH is free to take him on vacation wherever he wants to, regardless of what she says.

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It does depend on what the order says. My dh's says that each parent has the right to take the kids on vacation with the kids or somehting to that effect. so yes dh CAN take the kids out of state on his time without her permission. The main reason I know this is b/c we live 30min. from the state next to us so we go to that town often. Anyway bm found out and threw a huge fit but was shot down when her lawyer reminded her that dh has the right to that with his kids as long as they are back to her for her time.

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IN our CO the child cannot be taken out of state by either parent without permission. Our attny requested that to be put into the CO.