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Does BM want something or did she find a cup of nice?!?

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Wow! That wasn't as bad as I though t it was going to be. We had to meet with BM to talk about parenting plan. She was alone that's crazy cause she always needs protection. From she says me cause she doesn't know what I will do to her! What I would like to do to her and what I will do to her are two different things! LOL She didn't yell she didn't use ugly words, just went smooth! Makes me wonder if she wants something. Well she did one thing rolled her stupid eyes ever time she would talk I wanted to hit her upside her head to make them stop! She looked like a slot machine that got stuck.... Just bugged me to no end. }:)


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Is she always a Beotch when you are around? If so I would have to say that she is up to something to. I would be careful of the situation and keep your eyes and ears open. She may be setting you up to look like the bad guy.

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She is always a beoth when it comes to anything would could agree to everything and even offer her more and she just ugly about it. I am afraid she is up to something might be more money with her its always about money. Just has be thinking something bads going to happen.