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maybe someone knows the trick

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I want to ask how you can get BM to agree to things she is already doing in writing so we can get it put in the papers? For almost a year now she has meet up almost half way when we get and take back the skids. This is one thing she holds over my DH head if she doesn't like something he does then fine you come all the way so now the drive goes from a 2hrs and 15mmin to 4 1/2hrs it sucks! And taxes before they even got a divorce or papers on the girls as long as one of them paid child support to the other one they would split the girls on taxes. That way they could both have one on taxes. Any thoughts as to how to get her to send any email back saying ok yes I agree?


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Next time you are going to switch send an email that says "Just writing to verify that we are meeting at XXXX on XXXXXX at 2:00 as we have been the past year? Let me know if this works for you"

As for the taxes "My accountant is going to start doing the paperwork. I know we are in agreement to each claim one of the girls but would like to verify who is claiming which girl. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks"

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Do you have a lawyer? You could request a modification to the court order that states that you both meet halfway for the exhange, especially since you've already been doing it anyway. The courts would go for that.

What does the CO say? Does it say that your husband has to drive to pick the kids up and drop them off? If so, I'm really surprised at that. The norm is for one parent to pick up, the other to drop off, or both meet halfway.

As far as the taxes go, I don't know how to deal with that. I just let my ex claim my daughter every year right now as he makes more money than I do and pays support. That seems most fair to me. There's only one child involved in my situation. I suppose your attorney could handle that one too (if you have one).