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Ann Is Just a Booty Call

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I haven't updated on my friend Ann in a while, mainly because I haven't seen her much. She is still on suspension from work (it's been about four months now) and she's telling me now that they've recommended she resign. I still don't know what she did (or didn't do) and quite honestly, I don't want to know. I don't want any part of that mess. But she was told that if she resigns, her record will be sealed. If not, any agency she applies to from here on out will be able to access her records and see the charges. She'll never be able to get a job.

I Think Ann Will Be Losing Her Kid Sooner Rather Than Later

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I haven't seen Ann in a while. As I mentioned in one of my other blog posts, she was suspended from her job about two months ago (I still don't know why and I could get in trouble for asking). But I got together with her and two other work friends last night for dinner at my house, and boy, she has lost her mind.

It Looks Like I May Be a Mother-In-Law

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I haven't blogged in a while; there's been a lot going on and I've been crazy busy at work. First, about my son. BS21 is in his fourth and last year of college, is doing really well (Dean's list this past spring!), and has a girlfriend of about a year and a half, though they were friends for about a year before that. They moved in together this past January, and he just proposed to her. They haven't set a date yet, but supposedly plan to be married no earlier than summer of 2019.

Third Anniversary of PAS

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Today marks three years since we have seen SS now 18. We've never even gotten a phone call. He did text exactly twice, once to ask for us to drop off his PlayStation at BM's and once to basically tell DH that he's a shit father and I'm the reason why.

DH continues to send him a card every year for his birthday and Christmas. He's dealt with the fact that he'll probably never see his son again. We have a happy life together, and will continue to have a happy life...whether SS ever chooses to be in it or not.

Ann Is Having Second Thoughts About Tom...Again

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One week is the Perfect Love of a Lifetime, the next it's crap. Ann came into work upset today, shut the door to my office, and plopped down in a chair and started to sob. Apparently things aren't as hunky-dory with the Hot and Wonderful Tom as she made it appear just a week or so ago, when they were talking about buying a house together. Well, duh. Who didn't see that coming?

Mary "Broke" Her Grandmother, and Hot Tom Had to Bail on a Romantic Weekend

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I just don't know what more needs to happen to get Ann to see that this situation is exactly what it appears to be- a cluster- and it isn't going to get any better. She came into work this morning crying (again). She and Tom had big plans- a three-day weekend away, just the two of them, in the city, where they would attend a wedding for one of Ann's relatives and spent the rest of the time getting cozy and doing some sightseeing and whatnot. Sitters were in place...then Mary happened.