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DH Got a Call from SS20 After About 5 Years of PAS/No Contact

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I swear, the universe has gone crazy. Yesterday morning, my grandmother had her second stroke (the first one was earlier this year). She'd made a wonderful recovery, and now this. The second one was worse and it's affected the other side of her body, which had been the good side. She's been in the ICU since and is unresponsive. It's all a waiting game from here on out, hence my blog hogging. Hospital waiting rooms are the worst.

"BM Got Run Over by a Reindeer"

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BM got run over by a reindeer

Walking home from the bar Christmas Eve

You can say there's no such thing as Santa

But as for me and DH, we believe!

She's been drinking too much whiskey

The skids begged her not to go

But she was off her medication

And she staggered out the door into the snow.

When skids found her Christmas morning

At the scene of the attack

She had "tramp" stamped on her forehead

And incriminating scratch marks on her back

BM got run over by a reindeer

A Long-Awaited ANN Update (This is for you, Aniki!)

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SO, it's been awhile since I've really had much to do with Ann. Our friendship has really gone downhill the last couple of years and of the four of us who used to hang out together all the time, only one of us still is, the one friend who goes along with whatever she does and thinks it's great. But we do talk on the rare occasion, and you won't believe what's going on now. Turns out, she DUMPED HOT TOM back in May! Remember, the guy who was the hottest guy she'd ever laid eyes on, who she made her entire world? Yeah, he's out .

OT- Please send prayers, good juju, whatever you’ve got to spare

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This is totally OT, but please everyone send positive vibes to my grandma. She’s 91 and suffered a stroke earlier today. We’re all just waiting right now for a prognosis. My grandma is “my person.” We’ve always been really close. I’m closer to her than I am to my mother. She’s had a lot of medical issues lately but she’s fully there in her mind. This isn’t how I expected today to go, for sure. 

Becoming More Concerned for Ann and Her Son

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I know...I know.... She's made her bed, she can lie in it, and all that. Ann and I haven't been as close lately as we once were, and I think she's made (and continues to make) some extremely poor decisions in her life. But I can't help but be concerned. We've been friends for years, and she is just not the person she used to be.

Ann Is Just a Booty Call

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I haven't updated on my friend Ann in a while, mainly because I haven't seen her much. She is still on suspension from work (it's been about four months now) and she's telling me now that they've recommended she resign. I still don't know what she did (or didn't do) and quite honestly, I don't want to know. I don't want any part of that mess. But she was told that if she resigns, her record will be sealed. If not, any agency she applies to from here on out will be able to access her records and see the charges. She'll never be able to get a job.

I Think Ann Will Be Losing Her Kid Sooner Rather Than Later

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I haven't seen Ann in a while. As I mentioned in one of my other blog posts, she was suspended from her job about two months ago (I still don't know why and I could get in trouble for asking). But I got together with her and two other work friends last night for dinner at my house, and boy, she has lost her mind.