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OT- Please send prayers, good juju, whatever you’ve got to spare

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This is totally OT, but please everyone send positive vibes to my grandma. She’s 91 and suffered a stroke earlier today. We’re all just waiting right now for a prognosis. My grandma is “my person.” We’ve always been really close. I’m closer to her than I am to my mother. She’s had a lot of medical issues lately but she’s fully there in her mind. This isn’t how I expected today to go, for sure. 


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Oh, Hon! I truly feel your pain. My beloved mother (96) died in January after a brief illness and, like your Grandma, was fully compos mentis until the end.

The fact that your loved one has enjoyed a long life has absolutely nothing to do with the anxiety and misery that you're now suffering, particularly since Grandma was 'your person'. Try to spend as much time as you can spare with her, you'll be glad that you did if the worst happens.

Every positive vibe that I can scrounge up is on its way to you, Ghost! You are a fine person who has endured more than your share of heartache and this time, you deserve a break! [[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]

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Prayers for your Grandma, you and your entire family.

I DO understand what your are going thru ((((HUGS)))))

Edit to add: Red hen is right...spend as much time with her IF you can. Talk to her, Thank her and if you can, hold her hand. She hears you.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers! Grandma not only made it through the night, but regained consciousness and was able to tell the doctors her address, phone number and social security number! She’s still not quite out of the woods yet, but she was transferred to another hospital that can provide specialty care, and is being treated for the two blood clots that caused the stroke. Not sure where we go from here, but so far, so good. Thank you again for all your good wishes- I believe it really does make a difference!

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Prayers coming your way!

I know it's hard to lose someone you're close to!!! Please look out for yourself too! It's easy to get wrapped up with everything going on!