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OT, but not... Meghan Markle's jacked up family!

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Can we please talk about Meghan Markle's 1/2 siblings and father? 

DH and I were watching Entertainment Tonight last night, and all either of us could do was feel awful for her!  How embarassing to have the whole world see how screwed up the family is.


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I have no real interest in the royal family or their weddings.
However, the latest goings on are completely undignified and I too feel sorry for Meghan.

(The royal family are screwed up themselves with a bunch of their own scandals. Today it is Meghan, tomorrow someone else. It will blow over.)

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As an American, they're more fun than the Kardashians, but I feel bad for Meghan having her family's dysfunction the lead story on every magazine and her 1/2 sister spewing grossness about her anywhere that will let her.

Every family has some weirdness to it, but to have it exposed on that level would be awful!

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I had a completely different reaction when the dysfunctional Markles even seeped into real news outlets and I had no choice but to watch it when trying to get election coverage.

I thought, meh, cry me a river. Who doesn't have dysfunction? She'll be alright and muddle through like the rest of us. I'm not judging them at all. I actually felt a little sorry for the dad. He's from my area and by some weird fluke he ended up tied in with royals. Who didn't see that train wreck coming???

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but on another I don't.   

Meghan KNOWS full well what it's like to be under the media spotlight and IMO she should have counseled her father ahead of time of what might happen and had him come to HER for guidance along the way - not the half-sister or anyone else.  He could have gotten some coaching ahead of time on how to react or not react to papparazzi and headlines.  

I admit I don't read all the details so there may be more to their relationship but in any case he should have been prepared and Meghan was the one who should have done it.  

The person I really feel bad for is him - he seems like a decent, average guy who is not accustomed to being in the spotlight and was left out to dry - particularly by the half-sister.   

Now he's got to face heart surgery with all this going on.  I hope his surgery is uneventful and he has a full recovery.  Although I'm sure his heart will always break a bit when he thinks of all this drama and how he couldn't be there for her big day.      

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So like most DHs with no spine he’s been made to look like a fool by his older kids, his first family. I’m not at all surprised. 

I would bet money that Meghan talked to her Dad and tried to coach him. That she told him how he should act and what to expect. He ignored her and did what his older daughter suggested and set up the pictures to show him in a better light. Well, that backfired!

His son is just looking for attention and now has the world media looking at him. He’s an idiot and proved that with his open letter to Harry. 

Now DH is hiding again. I’m surprised he hasn’t come out in defence of his older kids. We’ve all heard it in our own homes from our own DHs, it’s not their fault, they didn’t mean it that way, they are just under pressure, etc. Maybe he’ll tell the media and the people listening that they need to be the bigger person and take the higher road? His poor babies don’t know how to deal with famous people and the media. Here’s a tip, keep your mouth shut, smile and nod.

I do feel bad that he’s having heart issues, but I’m not sure I believe they are as bad as he’s saying. I think it’s a way for him to stick his head back in the sand and not have to deal with the world saying how horrible his older children are.

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The brother's letter did make him sound very jealous and bitter. But I do believe that she was doted on and was daddy's little princess and the others were put aside. But that's not her fault, it's Dad's. there's some truth to that letter, IMO.

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Even if it was all true, why write it? All it did was make him look bad. If their Dad paid Megan’s way while she was struggling to build an acting career, that’s on him, not her. Plus, she may have offered to pay him back and he refused. My SD offers to pay DH back for everything he does for her, he ALWAYS says no. 

The line about family not being invited is straight out of stephell. How many SMs or halfsiblings aren’t invited to weddings? First family only, let’s pretend mom and dad are still a couple for the bride/groom.

IMHO, she left them out because they were never part of her life growing up. His saying family comes first is great for him now that she’s got ties to such a famous family. Judging by the way they are acting now, she’s smart to distance herself from them. 

Any truth in that letter has been twisted and manipulated, IMO.