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A Long-Awaited ANN Update (This is for you, Aniki!)

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SO, it's been awhile since I've really had much to do with Ann. Our friendship has really gone downhill the last couple of years and of the four of us who used to hang out together all the time, only one of us still is, the one friend who goes along with whatever she does and thinks it's great. But we do talk on the rare occasion, and you won't believe what's going on now. Turns out, she DUMPED HOT TOM back in May! Remember, the guy who was the hottest guy she'd ever laid eyes on, who she made her entire world? Yeah, he's out . She FINALLY realized he's a narcissist and that his kids are a hot mess. (Oh, and apparently he has full custody of BOTH of them now. Ew.)

Anyhow, Ann wised up. Kind of.

She got herself a new man in June. He's 10 years younger than her (31)*dash1* and skid-free. So good for her, right?

Well, they moved in together after SIX WEEKS of dating, are planning to get engaged before the year is up, and... they're ACTIVELY TRYING to get pregnant. She also introduced Chris (her BS12) to him after their FIRST DATE.

Oh, Ann.... I get it. The biological clock is ticking. BUT....

"I just love him SOOOOOO MUUCH."

"Us meeting was destiny!"

"He literally has NO FAULTS! I mean, he's PERFECT!"

"He's absolutely the hottest, most attractive man I've ever known."

"He loves Chris (her BS, 12) just like his own! He's the father he should have had all along! Nothing will ever change that!"

I hope things work out. I really do. But I've heard this all before, and she's going way too fast. She absolutely refuses to get help for her Bipolar Disorder, and it's not my job to save her.


SO, buh-bye HOT TOM...welcome HOT BOB!! (One word, my poor boy...prenup!)

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Story of her life. I've been friends with this girl since Chris was an infant and this is her MO. Very sad.

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OMG, I'm banging my head right along with you!!! Ann needs to be single for at least a year. Poor Chris. I feel horribly for that young man. At the very least, I hope the new boy-toy is a positive in his life. 

Thank you for the update. Admittedly, I would like to follow the impending trainwreck of Sailor Mouth Mary... xoxo

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Oh, I'd love to know what becomes of the sweet Sailor Mary! But I think I can guess.

I can't tell you how many guys Ann has exposed her poor kid to in the last few years. Literally, at least 10-15. And yeah, the poor guy has NO IDEA what he's in for. These two don't even know each other!

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But why???  Why would you move that fast?? Especially with a kid??? And how is homeboy okay with all this??/ What's wrong with him???

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Well, for one, Ann has untreated Bipolar Disorder. Without a doubt. Second, she's terrified of being alone and getting to know herself becasue she's afraid of what she'll see. She's one of those people who always has to be on the go, in the middle of some project, can't slow down. Because then her demons might catch her.

I haven't met this homeboy, but all I can think is that he's young (31 is super young to me, anyway!) has very little experience with women, and doesn't know any better.



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Ann, Ann, Ann... you are a hot mess dear. 

Ok, I just have to say, I am 36 and the last thing I want is to start over with babies!!! If she didn't have any kids yet, or if she still had little ones at home, sure. But her kid is 12. She is in the home stretch now! She doesn't need a babysitter for a date night, he should be able to cook the basics (eggs, frozen pizza, steam some veggies type stuff), he is old enough to do his own laundry and help keep the house clean. This is the good age (minus teenage attitude that they all get). Why would you purposefully start over?? LMAO I don't have a uterus anymore but the thought is making my ovaries shrivel! 

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She did the same thing with Hot Tom- talked from the very beginning about how they were going to have an "ours" baby and that would just tighten their bond and make them a "true family."  Hot Tom didn't go for that, but this poor, she reeled him right in!

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Who is 30 is getting pressure from the family to produce heirs to his hotness legacy. Why on earth would he want to rush into this? My sympathies for Ann are as shriveled as my p@nis would be at the thought of going so far so fast, were I him.

I really want to take Hot Tom, and shake him a bit. I hope his mother does when she gets wind of this User Ann persons plan to go happy home maker/baby maker with her kid.

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Well, if you ask Ann, his parents absolutely ADORE her and ADORE her kid (I mean, I do adore Chris!) and can't wait for their only child to give them a grandchild, soo........

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A day with a post from GWCD is always a good day. Nice to hear from you!

I've always felt so sorry for Anne's son. One day he'll have a second or third wife on this site.

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LOL! Thanks julie! I feel horrible for the poor kid! She's dragged him through SO MANY guys!

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8 yrs older than Chef.  Cougering is SO not worth it!

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LOL! IDK, my DH is 7 years younger than me and he's a good one! Biggrin Some guys, though, never grow up. My ExH is 9 years older than me and still about his HS football days. He's been out of HS for 40 years!

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Well damn Ann! I will miss Sailor Mary! She was the world's most entertaining skid!

I see ZERO red flags out of any of this!
Younger and hotter man whose never been problem
Trying to get pregnant ASAP...not a relationship killer at all!
Referring to new boy-toy as the daddy the child has always problems there!

Holy crap Ann! She is one hot mess away from a Springer episode.

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You made my Monday with this Ann Update!!  

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Poor Hot Bob!  At least she keeps their names simple.


I have to admit every time I hear a young child curse, I think of Sailor Mary.  

Thank you again for the update!