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feeling resentful

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My SD 13 and SS almost 9 are here half the time and I find the dynamics so frustrating.  They never leave the house without their mom.  I dont usually go with them so I get some time to myself.  I often feel like I am single half the time.  SD is in her room on her phone but SS is on the coach all day every day unless his mom takes him out, usually to the store.  They are not that badly behaved but so lazy and ask for things wayyyyy too much and it really bothers me.  Bed time still takes an hour for SS and 30 for SD, the same as it did 4 years ago.   My wife is materialistic and I am not a

frustrating home dynamic

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I have been living with skids almost 4 years now.  They were 4 and 9 and now 8 and 13.  I have always found the 8 year old hard to live with.  While he is a nice kid, he always needs to be the center of everything.  He basically owns the living room and watches youtube and is on his phone all day.  I have tried to discourage this but now I welcome it because he needs constant attention when not on screens.  He say "mum," every 2 minutes and during conversation and it drives me nuts.  He is constantly asking for things, so tired of hearing "I want" and "can I have." He never plays in his roo

so entitled

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So we have a snow day today, my wife and I are both teachers   The kids come in (very loudly) after being dropped off by their dad.  SS8 comes in and tells us the plan for the day.  He is going to watch tv for a while and then we are taking them sledding.  SD12 comes in and informs us she won't be shovelling because she just did at her dads.  I guess this is fair but no one asked her to shovel in the first place.  SS8 also informs us that he won't be shovelling even though he did nothing at his dads.  He then wants bacon and pancakes for breakfast.  I just feel like they are so entitled and