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Vent SS20 Nothing we say matters

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No matter how many conversations SO has with SS20, it doesn't matter. SO wants to be hard on SS, but he doesn't know how.  I just had an officer show up at my door. Hands me a fake id cut up in a small ziplock and says this was confiscated from a local liquor store. This visit is to make you aware if you want to have a coversation with him. I shook his hand and thanked him. I'm sure my face said - been here before.  

I just can't with SS20

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So, my last post came to fruition. The tension between SS, SO and myself came to a head. The entitlement, the boldness, the victim all reared thier heads. SS dropped out of a college last year where he had a grant and loan to get him through school. He partied too much. We still don't have the full story, but he left mid 2nd semester admitting he was drinking and doing hard drugs.  In the last 6-8 months, SS has been coming home sometimes (not all) smelling like pot or seemingly intoxicated / high. He carries eye drops with him. He has a pocket scale. He hid beer in his room.

Nothing is changing-- SS20 Getting all this off my chest

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I have to vent and get this out. The tension is building. 

SS20 is getting to me. He's getting to SO. SO hasn't said or done anything except to complain to everyone, BUT SS20. SS20 is acting jealous of BS6 and his entitledment is making him moody. He has this idea we are supposed to just endlessly supply him with needs. 

SS19 is going to end up out of our home- too entitled

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SO and I are both hitting our limit with SS19. I always thought he was the one who would be ok. He and I actually always got along unlike SD22 and me. 

In the past year he has

- been fined for underage drinking. Had a court date and had to pay $300. Lied and said he wasn't drinking. He was the DD but got the citation because he was with all of his underage friends. I picked you up SS, it was obvious to me that you had a good buzz, at best. 

O/T: Bipolar Spouse?

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Hi, I'm not on here as much as I used to be. SD22 and SS19 are not really causing us any issues right now. However, this site has always been so helpful to me at really difficult times. Can anyone recommend some websites or message boards for bipolar disorder. I think I'm finally coming to the realization (and out of denial) that my SO may have this. We have a BS5 and I really need to get more info. SO has always had anger episodes, throws things or yells. I used to attribute it to the stress of the divorce or all the pressure he put on himself with skid visits. I made a lot of excuses.

SS18 Vent-- Short

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Ok, I'll keep this short. I want call SO and yell, so I'll just vent here.

SS18-- that MF is in the shower again!!!!!!
I swear that boy takes 3 showers a day. Its not like he plays sports. I think he's smoking pot again. I never have any hot water for my showers. little F-er

Ok. I'm done. Nothing to see here.

OT- Kidney Stone Experience?

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I'm not looking for medical advice, I called my doctor and waiting for a call back. Just looking for experiences.

I went to the ER this week for a kidney stone. I had been having symptoms of a UTI for a week and a half, then in the middle of the night felt the worst pain ever in my life. Scans showed the stone (4mm) when I arrived at the hospital. They did another scan and said it passed.

Well I'm back to disengaging again :/

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SD21's attention seeking is now invading our home again. She is being treated for addiction and psychiatric issues. She wanted to meet with daddy-- who she has barely talked to for the last 3 years, mostly holidays-- and tell him about her evaluation visit. Perhaps I am jaded, but I see nothing positive coming from any of this except her milking the attention and using it as an excuse for not doing for herself. I mean even her dumb BM is now texting SO saying this very thing! Which probably explains why she is coming to SO for attention.

Step parent to drug addict?

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I'd really like to hear how you all are dealing with or have dealt with this. I've been around a lot of addicts and users. I have always cut them off and moved on. SD21 is supposedly starting rehab soon for the first time. I don't see it working. SO and SS18 are of course going to try to be supportive, but I just don't even want her around me or my BS

ETA: she was drug tested and they found opioids and xanax in her system. She's a frequent marijuana smoker, since about 15.