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Skid Fashion

My YSD went to school this morning in high-waisted black velvet pants with a long-sleeved grey T-shirt tucked in. The T-shirt bunched up all around her unflattering.

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Another Request for Money. Of Course.

Most recent BM request for money.

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Confession Time - I Was Wrong

So, I was internally frustrated and angry at my DH because I thought he lied to me and went behind my back to buy his son a train ticket to come work a job with him.

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What Would You Do? (Part 2)

Melanne's post made me realize that I have a CS question of my own. I will try to keep this succinct.

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So exhausted. Angry...full of rage, really. Not sure if I should be?

So, I will try to keep this as concise as possible.

Short Story:

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Will the Babying EVER End?

Small, dumb story from this morning.

While we were still in bed talking DH says...

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Should Stepmoms be Treated Like Adult Humans?

So, been reading a bit on this post and the OP's former post about an entirely kid-centric vacation where her needs were mostly ignored:

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Mindy Project / Daddy's Home

A little off topic...but the mist recent episode of Mindy Project features a BM who stays with Mindy's boyfriend while looking for a home in the area...and it becomes clear that BM is crazy and trying

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Does anyone else get really annoyed by how your teen skids talk?


Just a quick, small vent.