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Oh BM. I Spoke Too Soon About SS and His Grand College Plans.

So - DH did NOT go on a college visit Sunday-Monday with SS.

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Crud! I CAVED!!!!


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So Excited!!!! SS Finally Registered For Higher Education!

After a little over a year of SS languishing around post high school...trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life...SS19 has applied for a 2-year technical degree at a very, very good scho

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Made it Through to the Other Side!

Tomorrow is the last day of SD's 2-week summer visitation! Woot, woot!

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BM Sends Crazy Email to DH on Mother's Day

So...I've been debating about posting this for a while...but what the heck.

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SS Is Soooooo AMAZING at Everything He Does.

Small vent.

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DH as ATM.

So, on the way to have dinner at a friend's house last night, DH informs me that BM has asked DH if he "would like to contribute" $100 to YSD's birthday present...her birthday is tomorrow and DH has a

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Oh Yeah. SD = 17 this week. Let the Countdown Begin!

I am officially one year away from no regular skid visits and the end of CS.


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How Do I Talk to My DH About This?

Hey Stalkers.

So...anniversary was nice over the weekend. DH is very loving & sweet pretty much all the time. I wish I felt as happy in this marriage as he seems to...I really do.

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Tomorrow is my 7 year anniversary with DH.

Not sure whether to toast myself for this accomplishment or not...