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LOL. Whose BM is This?

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I laughed so hard at this. 

Some BM who thinks that since her kids are "so easy" she shouldn't have to pay the babysitter. Unreal.


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The link didn't go to the right article but I can just imagine. The babysitter should just be honored to be in her childrens presence, right?

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she got free ice cream lol! 

My DD babysits. She makes 12/hr plus her regular clients provide everything. They even give her money to walk the kids down to the coffee bar or the Jamba Juice. This is nothing we insisted on (she would babysit for free), they just value her and her time. 

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Well. Since apparently we don’t have to pay for childcare anymore... guess I get to go out EVERY night! 1/2 of the kids are easy... So guess I’m off the hook for payment! Plus I have a cute turtle and there’s always ice cream in the freezer! Score! Can’t wait to implement this!


in seriousness though. This is awful. I was a babysitter and a nanny for the same family starting at 13 for the babysitting and nannying summers at 16. I occasionally babysat for a few other families. I would have been furious if someone hadn’t paid me. I was paying all my swim fees and saving for college with it! I REALLY hate it when people believe everything should just be handed to them. It’s this disturbing entitlement that makes you worry about the future of the world if that dumb a$$ attitude spreads. You pay for goods and services and work to earn a living. Really not that hard of a concept!

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It reminded me so much of our BM's twisted logic that I had to share. Her mantra seems to be: "I shouldn't have to pay for this!" 

It's gross. 

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Dear god, I used to get $2 an hour!

This crazy bitch is soon not going to be able to find a babysitter.

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This could be the BM in my life, considering the delusion, manipulation, and projection. However, BM has never paid for child care, so could not actually be her. 

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Well neither has this woman, apparently. 

Everyone should feel honored and lucky to get to spend an entire day with her "easy" little darlings, don't you know!