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Oh My. YSD is seeing a divorced guy...

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SO DH and I went to lunch with OSD and her fiance over the weekend...and OSD drops the bomb that YSD is seeing a separated man. 

YSD is 18stb19. This dude is 27 apparently. No kids though. 

DH is freaking out. I wish the guy had kids and that YSD would jump in head first and elope...would serve them all right... 

jk. DH asked me if I'd talk to YSD so I did. Seems like she's not really that serious about him and I advised her to be careful and not rush into anything. Reminded her how young she is, etc. I do still have good rapport with all the skids, and they like to talk to me about these things. I'm 90% disengaged but don't mind chatting with them once every other month or so...which is about the frequency we're at right now. 

I just enjoyed the momentary fantasy of YSD landing a divorced dad at 19 and dealing with skids and a BM. Made me chuckle.


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I have the same thoughts about SD16. I hope she has shitty step kids and never has kids herself. I do not want that child reproducing. Honestly I hope none of my 4 skids reproduce and its quite possible that none of them will find someone that wants to reproduce with them.

YSD is not seeing a divorced guy if he's separated, shes fucking a married man. Good chance he is lying and not separated (been there) or he will go back to the wife(been there also)

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Well...I believe they've only gone out 3 times but I did warn her of that. Biggest red flad - she found out through a friend that he's "separated" and he "hasn't told her yet" but she knows that he's been trying and is just afraid to tell her...


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Are you trying to tell me that married men lie about being separated? OMG!

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on a dating site for single dads.


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is that they too become step parents one day to kids just as bad as they were and that the BM of  those steps is just like North Korea.  I can't wait for that actually!  

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I remember someone sometime back had a SD that became a stepmom with a h*llacious BM and failed to recognize her own mother was the same type of BM.

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And no thoughts or wishes for Toxic Feral. Just that she stays away from me and doesnt affect my life. Perhaps I should wish stepkids on her. Although she claims she never wants kids, because you now, she has SUFFERED so much!