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Now I understand ........but I am afraid of what I might do.

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Now I get it. How a child can live in your home (40% of the time)recieve all the love and attention you and your husband can muster and then go to his BM and tell her how bad you hate it when you are with them.

(Now keep in mind when I was a youngin and my BM did not like my SM, I would do the same thing. I talked horribly about my SM. And this would make my mom feel better (by securing her position) and yet me more loved- so I thought.?)

Housing, Transportation and Frustration

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SD had her interview with HUD and was told there might be an apartment ready by the end of June, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She also has her own transportation now, so DH and I are no longer the taxi service and she gets to find out just how expensive gas is. However, my jaw about hit the floor when DH asked her if she would take him somewhere today so I could have the car for work, thereby allowing him to sleep in for a change and she was unwilling to do it! She said he could take her car since she didn't have to work, but she didn't want to drive him.

The Start

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When I first got Pregnante with my daughter, we told SS right away, he even came to doctors appointments with me sometimes. And everything was going good. I wanted to start doing things in the bedroom while I was pregante, to give SS more time to get used to it, but DH wouldn't agree. SS seemed ok with the idea of having a baby sister while I was pregnate. But now, it just gets worse everyweekend. How much extra father son time should my DH be sepending with SS on the weekends?

My ex has finally met the "one"..................AGAIN!!!

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Pay attention, 2nd ex. This is the reason I actually stuck around this site. My initial search led me here because of "other" mom married to ex #1. We seem to be okay as of late. SO OF COURSE, my 2nd ex has found the "one". I mean God cannot give me peace for two weeks straight, now can he? LOL!

SO this one is a veegan? Veagan? WTF is that supposed to mean. I was wondering why Tyler has been looking at my dinner's kinda weirdly and refusing to eat certain things.

HERE WE GO................

BM $ reimbursements

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For the past two years BM has not really reimbursed DH or myself for any sporting equipment bought for SS’s activities. Two years ago BM insisted that she go out and buy SS a baseball glove and that was the glove to use “at her house”. So whatever week it was SS son used glove from hat house at the gems. BM did not buy him any cleats so he had cleats from our house. It got to the point that we would bring the shoes and he would change into them before the game. Never once did BM offer to p0ay half.

Now what???

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So after bm took bf's daughter to central america without bf's permission (having never had her vaccinated) we discovered that there was nothing we can do about it with the police because they returned. Apparently that means there is no emergency. Yesterday, we went to her school to talk to her teachers to see if we could get access to her records.

New Here

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Hi,I'm new here.I'm a stepmom to a boy and girl.My DH's ex is a manipulative selfish female who uses the kids ,and my MIL to try and cause problems for my DH.I'm overwhelmed trying to figure out a way to deal with these people.They ruin every holiday.And making demands on my hubby,they try to set up situations so him and his ex will 'run' into one another.But she won't let him see his kids because she's jealous he Finally remarried.She's on her forth husband though.I love my hubby,but I'm tired of dealing with these people,and their constant drama.His daughter steals and lies.And his son is

Getting married TODAY OMG....

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Yes today it was a spur of the moment thing we were going to go out of town but made some calls yesterday and we are getting married here at 11am. OMG....I am sooooooooo nervous. The only people we have told was our parents and my boys (6yrs and 10yrs) I gave them the option to go to school or go with us and they are going with us. I am nervous and excited all in one. I can't belive it is finally going to happen. His parents and my mom are going to be there. His ex is probably going to sh**.

Is this appropriate?....

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Is this scenario appropriate?

MIL in hospital with serious but currently stable condition.

BM, finds this out and turns up at the hospital unannounced to visit ex-MIL, uninvited and without prior notice to DH.

BM is carrying a set of keys in her hand and asks ex-father-in-law if he wants to stay at her place (she is not far from the hospital).