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there was someone on this site when i first signed up that worked for the family court in fresno. i cant remeber your name but if your still a part of this forum i need some advice. could you PM ME??? THANKS!

BM's license is suspended because of her DWI. Would you let her pick SD up?

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I got all the sentancing info and found that BM must have an Interlock system to get an occupational license to drive at all. Dh and I were pretty sure she didn't have an occupational license because she left her car at the daycare after she called the police last week.

When we picked SD up last night Dh looked in both of BM's cars (she has one that doesn't run because she let some guy drive when she had no ins. and he ruined the engine) and she doesn't have the Interlock breath thing in either one. Therefor, she does not have a licence to drive at all!

No More Baby's Mama Drama

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I'm not sure how many of you have read this book. I just started, but in the first chapter there were several paragraphs I want to share with you guys. They were pretty enlightening. I've really been praying a lot for a way to help ME deal with Andrea's bull shit games, and (I believe) the answer was given to me in this book, together with me starting to run again (this has always been my stress outlet).

These paragraphs can be found on pages 4-5:

I almost kicked my husband out, because I am tired of him putting his "ex life" above us

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Hi. I guess this is a pretty extreme first entry, but I just found the site today. I just got married, less than two months ago, but have been living with my husband for over three years. I have one child from a previous marriage that we have been raising together, and he has two from a previous marriage that visit every other weekend. From the beginning, it has been evident that my hubbie had a domineering ex wife, and that he was still controlled by her in a lot of ways.

new here and need to talk

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Why do all men get such a bad rep when it comes to their children in divorce? Why does no one talk about the mothers that don't take care of their kids when they live with their dads? I am fed up with the gov. and their stereotypes. My husband has had his son for the last 6 years and daughter for the last 3 years while paying child support to their mother. We have been together for 3 years married 2, and not once has that woman offered support. We are in the process of hiring an attorney to demand child support. Their BM drives me mad.


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She always has to do something to mess things up. So everyone knows that BM was to drop SS off on her way through town today to make up for screwing BF out of his fall break with SS. Well, she did do that. And she also did something else while she was there...she keyed BF's car! All the way down the driver's side! BF called the cops and filed a police report. I just can't believe she'd be so immature!