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BM fails to cooperate with visitation schedule, any solution?

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BM has consistently be uncooperative with the visitation schedule, and we don't know what to do anymore. She informed us she was giving us the 2007 schedule in March of 2006, YES, that far in advance. We asked for it all year, and she never gave it to us. We then created the schedule which was pretty much every other weekend as the agreement states, except that would have conflicted with other provisions, such as Easter weekend which she has, Mother's Day weekend and Father's Day weekend. So, the agreement provides that BF would swap for another weekend in those events.

Research Teens Computer Useage

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I've had much success with googling info on skids. Plenty we would have never known if I hadn't. Here's some things I do regularly to keep an eye on them.

Check "History". Find out where they are going. Many kids don't know how to delete the history, so see where they are going and look at it.

When you give your children computer access make it clear to them that they should have NO expectation of privacy. I wouldn't let mine have an email account that I couldn't access but that's another story with skids.

Just when I think I'm appreciated-SLAMMED!

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I've been a stepmom for going on twelve years. I have tried my best to meet my six stepchildren's needs for good nutrition, good guidance, positive experiences, support, etc., the whole time. I've tried to put myself in their shoes and act accordingly. I let their Dad handle discipline, etc., for the most part, with my support. But, just when I feel like I've gained a happy medium I discover that one or more of my now-teenage stepchildren are slamming me to their peers: I'm a b---ch; I'm hard to get along with, etc.. I simply can't believe my ears!

bio Mom problems

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I am new to this site. I have a great guy that I have been with for over 2 years. He has a 9 year old son. He gets his son the typical every other weekend and one over night a week. The rest of the time my guy stays with me at my house with my two older kids. We have a great relationship. Sometimes I stay with him at his house when he has his son. The problem is the bio Mom. She divorced him a year before we got together but she is fixated on hating me.

life is just grand

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so I just went to the mailbox and guess what now? My ex and I have been through Domestic's regarding childsupport for the past 2 years. We had a hearing (only the lawyers) in front of the judge last week. I got a letter today stating our exceptions are denied and that his support got lowered even though he was fired from a job- they previously went on earning capacity- life just gets better every day- up until the past few years I never had these problems- yikes.

Conflicts between visitation schedule and social schedule

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What do you do when it's your stepkid's weekend with you and you're invited to an adults-only party? With us, I either stay home or go alone because my fiance doesn't feel right going out and leaving SD when we have so little time with her as it is, and I totally agree.

I guess I'm just feeling a bit resentful to have to turn down yet another holiday party invitation because I don't want to go without my hubby and we can't change visitation. (On a side note, I hate that word, because SD LIVES with us, even if it's only 2 weekends out of the month.)

Selfish mothers.....will reap what they sow...

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Youngest SD sent a very touching e-mail about family yesterday....and how we are often more 'polite and respectful of strangers feelings' than the feelings of those we supposedly love & care about....

She sent it to our e-mail address and her sisters....

.......her mother was not included.......