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Talks are kept short with SD

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When BM moved with SD, CO was everything she and her husband asked for. DH had no say. So originally, talks are scheduled at 7pm SD time (wherever she is). That's 11am our time, no problem. But when SD was with us, it would be 4am for BM. So she asked if they could change the time so she didn't have to wake up so early. DH agreed cuz again..he's trying to make things work. There hasn't been a problem with rescheduling for BM if needed but they haven't been responding to DH if he requests to change the time.

SD6 got a puppy!

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Spoke to sd6 today and she got a puppy. I think it's just more of a distraction to keep her mind off of her dad. Whatever it takes to keep her "on track" and not crying. This is BM and bmh way of keeping sd6 wanting to stay home. They buy her everything. Sd6 still asks DH how long til she comes back.

Sd6 cannot use iPad but plays on 3ds

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DH asked BM if it was ok for sd6 to take an iPad with her so she may call him on FaceTime vs oovoo since there are a few interruptions when she uses a laptop. Connection is bad or we have to keep calling back because sd6 can't hear us. The iPad would solve the problem with these issues. She wouldn't have to oovoo
Anymore, she could just FaceTime and there would be no problem. BM agree that the iPad would be a good idea because there are also some keys that are missing from their laptop.

Winter break visit, I need some input

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DH and BM split custody of sd6. 6months with mom overseas and 6months with DH in the states. Well, now that sd6 is starting kindergarten, DH only gets breaks. This winter break was our first visit since the new parenting plan started. By CO, DH can pick DH up 24hrs after school is out and BM can pick up 24hrs before school starts. DH picked her up on the 17th, her bday is on the 27th. BM basically told DH that she's picking him up the day after sd6 bday. He had no say. BM said it's because of the time difference, doctors say children need a week to adjust to their time zone.

SD5 watched team America

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My SD5 said she watched team America. She also said that her mom and step dad cuss a lot. Recently, I saw that her step dad commented on a post admitting that he lets SD5 watch all kinds of movies with cursing and team America and that he curses a lot and doesn't care what people think. Yes, I do curse when I forget something important or when I hurt myself. It is never towards my kids. We absolutely don't let the kids watch rated R movies. My husband and I do not agree with SD5 being exposed to movies like that.

What age is appropriate to own a cell?

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This isn't the first time my BS dad got him a cell phone. The first time was when BS was in 2nd grade and he went to visit his dad. His dad told me about the phone the. BS came home with it. I didn't feel it was appropriate. He was only 7. Not to mention that BS dad lived on the next street from us. I feel if he wants to speak with him he can contact me.

OT- just feeling really sad

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Being a SP is hard. Now that I have my SD5 in my life, I mean for this long, I don't have my stepdad to talk to. My experiences with my SD were long distance. Now that we all live together, my Stepdad isn't here to talk to about it. He was honest to God the best. It took so many years for me to accept him. He loved me. He really loved me. So many years I wasted not giving him a chance. Who knew he would be the man I needed in my life?

BMs family tells all...again

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H was with BM for 8 years. He knew BM's younger brothers before he knew her. H step brother was best friends with BMs brothers since elementary school. H is about 6-7 years older than the guys. So, H is a big part of her family. BMs brother have also been working for my FIL for years. Even before I was in the picture. Because of all the things that were happening between BM and H during their divorce, BMs family backed away. They felt of was getting to be too much that they felt the less they knew, the easier to deal with. But for the things they did know. They told H everything.