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SD6 got a puppy!

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Spoke to sd6 today and she got a puppy. I think it's just more of a distraction to keep her mind off of her dad. Whatever it takes to keep her "on track" and not crying. This is BM and bmh way of keeping sd6 wanting to stay home. They buy her everything. Sd6 still asks DH how long til she comes back.


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BM also does this. If we have something at our house SS is fond of (like our dog) then she will run out to get the same thing so he likes her house just as much. SS5 also got a dog for Christmas this year. Unfortunately SS5 isn't really a dog person and the dog in our home is MINE! Of course I let both SS and BS play with him but the dog is mine and the puppy we are bringing home in a few weeks is DHs. The boys can have their own dog when they can remember to take care of it. SS5 is more of a beta fish kind of kid (feed it once a month, let it live off the plant). Too bad, because BM is stuck with it. She's been through a few pets including another dog back when SS was little after I got my first Pom who passed away last year, she ended up giving it away a few month later. Shes brought home a turtle which she killed as well as a goldfish both by starvation. Hopefully Fiance3 will be in charge of the dog this time.

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This was our BM to. Not a pool but many other things. They would also plan fun things when skids were here, then tell all about the fun the missed and if they didn't go to dad's they could have been there with them!

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A lot of wicked people out there. BM and her family alienated the skids from their dad.
I am not sure if skid will ever see through BM's lies. They are blinded by her hate of him.

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This is like history repeating it self with a different SM....

SImply make it clear that the puppy can't come to your house ever..... we had a SM who's SD got a puppy and eventually when it was not a puppy anymore BM tried to dump the dog on them, lucky this SM always refused that the puppy came over...