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am i being petty? please respond

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ok so as you know sd14 is grounded for all her lies over the last year. the weekend before she got grounded dh promised them that he would let them go to the school dance this year if we got enough notice. bm calls this dance is tomorrow, WTF! that is progress i'll have to admit :sick: okok bm said she found out yesterday when the school told the girls....couldn't she have called us YESTERDAY??? :? I guess it's still better than the morning of like last year :sick:

not looking forward to this weeken

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so you guys have read my previous post about skids and how one lied and lied and lied meanwhile i spoiled her and rewarded her big for other things, then HUGE slap in the face a few weekends ago that made me REALLY disengage from sd 14 (read previous posts for futher details). about how she was consistantly lying to make ME look like the liar and stay out of trouble (another lie to back up the previous one)


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my gma is on the frits and will be passing away soon. Cancer is eating her away (they know she has it but she is too weak to test or treat, the testing alone could kill her) she can't keep her oxygen levels at a safe level, etc, we almost lost her this exact time last year and they had to revive her a few times (will not happen again) and she's back on the down fall (every day is worse for her than the day before)

bd you better consider yourself lucky!

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so i had child support ordered not to long ago, it's not much only 260 a month, he's alreay 5 months behind (i know not much compared to what a lot of dads are) i have supported my dd full time for 2.5 years and have gotten less than 300 from this sorry excuse for a dad. i do not know how the f*** i'm going to get through this pay period. I asked him if he'll be able to get me a payment that was due on the first tomorrow when he gets dd for visitation he just got a bran f***ing new cell phone and new number AGAIN and can't get me anthing for another fucking week.

step ups post made me think of this

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what do you agree with that bm does (seriously). bm does not give sd 14 the opportunity to "grow up" although i obviously did not "know" her dd like she does, i disagreed with out talking to bm, and gave sd the "tools" to act out....long story read my previous posts-it irritated me to no ends mainly made me irritated about the choices i made with sd and flat out told sd14 i now see why bm does what she does with her.

THANK GOD skids are going home today!!!

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So thursday i had to go get sd's and only get to see 30 min of my dd's softball practice Sad . but in a way i kind of felt a bitter sweet taste of revenge towards the oldest.

she has been lying for over a year (covering up her original lie) long story, ready previous post if you need details. bm finally see's it and (((CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE))) ACTUALLY APOLOGIZES TO US!!! :jawdrop:

letter to sd 14 (no she did not get this, but my thougts and i feel better)- L O N G

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sd14 you're not as smart as you think you are and you are truly an a$$....2 years ago, i promised you a phone if you got your grades up. last year, before your grades came up i helped you set up an e-mail AGAINST your bm's wishes but with permission from your father because they were coming up but not "quite there". you understood loud and clear what the "rules of the game was" yet you decided while on a field trip with school that you would go set up another account in google so you could be free from "monitoring".

something i don't understand, maybe you can elighten me

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i've been reading over some posts and this came to mind and maybe you guys can enlighten me?

why is it that "step siblings" call eachother sissy or bubba (brother or sister) but when it comes to the step parent.....they barley exist or they are sure to say STEPmom/dad. my skids do that, and i havn't really made a huge deal about it but they call my dd sissy (no step to it) but when i have friends come over or i introduce them to someone i know they are sure to make it know that i'm STEPmom