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not looking forward to this weeken

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so you guys have read my previous post about skids and how one lied and lied and lied meanwhile i spoiled her and rewarded her big for other things, then HUGE slap in the face a few weekends ago that made me REALLY disengage from sd 14 (read previous posts for futher details). about how she was consistantly lying to make ME look like the liar and stay out of trouble (another lie to back up the previous one)

to be honest if I had the money, i'd pack my dd8 up and she and i would head out of town for the weekend or go get a hotel. i just do not want to be around sd 14 and could really careless if they ever said "we're not coming back around"

they treat dh like sh!t in more ways then one, i love dh soooo much and i used to look forward to them coming over and suggest alt things to do to work with bm for them to come over, but after sd pulled this crap and after bm took all of thanksgiving and only allowed what's ordered for christmas (12 to 6pm the next day-yeah it's messed up) and they pretty much told dh fu on father's day, i just can't look forward to anything with them any more. i want to cry i've never truly felt this way thank god dh knows and understands why i feel so bitter, i told him the fact that she had gotten away with making ME look like the jerk for so long REALLY irritated me with HIM.

i want to schedule a holiday away from home but because of the fd up decree and order we'll miss out on holiday's AGAIN with them (splitting them by half of the day instead alternating by year-dh has not had them for a FULL holiday break EVER with them) i'm sooo tempted to tell dh to tell the kids if they want it they need to speak up to bm (which they are afraid to do) cause i'm so fn sick of alternating what WE want to do because of what THEY TELL us to do (looking at the bigger picture, that's EXACTLY how it is) :sick:

they have an older sister in indiana (we are in oklahoma) and i'm SO FN tempted to plan to go see her next holiday season cause they wont be able to go...mommy will tell them, "i'd rather you not leave me all alone for christmas" (her dh is a lousy man, per mil bm hasnt' seen him in over a year-funny thing is, she wears her ring when dh shows up to get the kids, but not unless so yeah she'd be all alone o WAIT she's not all alone, because dh's family has been inviting her over)

thanks i might be feeling better after a really good cry in a nice hot bubble bath tonight...dh has told me to disengage from sd 14 we'll see how that goes


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i am, he told me to disengage this weekend and just "que" him if the skids do something i don't approve of, idk maybe my dd and i can go pick out leashes and take the puppies for a walk..they need one and we lost their leashes....she and i are surely going shopping.
i know he'll always want them around but i told him via e-mail i don't care if they come or not anymore and i'm tired of scheduling what i want to do around them because "they said so" and that's EXACTLY what's going on