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bd you better consider yourself lucky!

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so i had child support ordered not to long ago, it's not much only 260 a month, he's alreay 5 months behind (i know not much compared to what a lot of dads are) i have supported my dd full time for 2.5 years and have gotten less than 300 from this sorry excuse for a dad. i do not know how the f*** i'm going to get through this pay period. I asked him if he'll be able to get me a payment that was due on the first tomorrow when he gets dd for visitation he just got a bran f***ing new cell phone and new number AGAIN and can't get me anthing for another fucking week. i guess i'll just have to submit an application to have his checks garnished :sick: can't believe i have to babysit his a** like this and the man is 32 f***ing years old

come on a** hole grow up!

had to vent no i dont feel better cause now i get to go through my stuff and figure out what the f*** to pawn off because he can't make any payment on time, i should've known better, he couldn't keep up with a 150 daycare bill what the hell made me think he'd be able to cover a 260 cs bill


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i know i'll probably get burned for this post but i really don't care.....freaking irritates the SHIT out of me

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garnish his checks. Matter of fact I can't believe you live in a state that will issue a support order and not make it mandatory for the support to come out of his check.

I get mad because the state I live makes it mandatory that the support comes out of the pay check, and then charges the NCP only a fee for handling the support. I feel that should be shared between parents.

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i'm filling out an application through dhs right now, my attorney said she can have it garnished but i wasn't able to stick him with her fee's for what ever f***ing reason (she said because he didn't fight he didn't because he KNEW he was f***ed)

damn i hate dead be f***ing dad's....his f***ing mom PAYS his damn mtg, he just bout a new phone, he lives in a NICE brick home...damn i wish i could stick his a** with some of the child support payments you guys pay..

guess i'm going to have to scout out job2 until he f***ing grows up

sorry for all the fbombs. i'm PISSED

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I also say apply right away for enforcement. I don't know about your state, but in Alaska, the child support guidelines say that once an order is in place, child support is to be paid before ALL other bills. Before everything.

We get support from 2 of the 3 BMs in our life, and with the other case there is an order stating neither party has to pay. Either way, we have CSSD cases open for each case, because that way CSSD deals with it and it's something we don't have to go around and around about with the other parents. It's just so much easier.

Now we don't have to listen to a bunch of crap about "I can't pay because of this or that, or this came up and now I don't have the money." I'm one of those people that doesn't care what comes up. These are your kids and if you are ordered to pay, we expect you to pay. The BMs don't seem to understand that whatever comes up in their lives isn't my problem and has no bearing on whether or not they can pay their child support. I have to support their kids either way, and these are MY kids, so they can freaking pay whether it puts a cramp in their life or not.

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yeah, trust me that's what i'm doing, however, i THOUGHT i sent the application ALONG F***ING time ago (as soon as i got the order), but the fax never went through, i called them a few weeks later just to see what the status of the case was, and they never got the application. but it takes AT LEAST 120 days from day of receipt. :?

like you i don't care what the hell bills he has, I NEED THE MONEY he keeps telling me, "smom wont help me cover my portion of the household bills so i have to pay that first" wtf you have a dd to feed!

D*** i wish i could deny visitation rights for all this crap, but i know i can't so i wont :sick:

guess it's roman noodles and walking 2 miles to soft ball practice.....barely got the gas to get to and from work d*** it!

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thanks guys, i'm debating whether or not to send an e-mail via facebook to his mommy (she writes all the checks to me) that i need FULL payment tomorrow to avoid garnishment (it wont but might get me some money so i can feed my baby

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hey guys, i'm going to write his mom and e-mail through facebook. Can you help me compose a DECENT LETTER?

i was thinking somethign like this


i am very concerned about your son's neglegence towards his child support obligation to dd. he has proven he cannot be trusted to make his payments on time or in full, per my records he is xxx behind. i need him to pay in full each month his obligation to his dd therefore i will be submiting an application to Child support enforcment for his check to be garnished on (date) and they will include interest to any back child suppor that is owed and unpaid. it would benefit dd and your son if he would make a payment when he picks dd up today.

what you think?

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hey guys i know this is "babysitting" him however, threatening garnishment USUALLY gets the fire out of his ass. yes, regardless what he actually does, the garnishment application will be sent monday....does this sound scary enough you think?


I am very concerned about your negligence towards your child support obligation to dd. Your child support obligation is xxx.xx per month. You also have back insurance arrearage you are ordered to pay on making an additional xx.xx monthly payment totaling to xxx.xx. Per the court order these payments are due on the first of each month. The order is effective the month of filing which was 2010. As you know, you have made one payment of xxx.xx. Here is a spread sheet of my calculations:

spread sheet

I have an application for Child support enforcement filled out and ready for submission for your pay to be garnished and further action if needed. My only negotiation to not submit the application Monday is for a payment to be made Sunday evening when you bring her home of half the FULL balance owed to date of xxx.xx and the other half to be paid with April and May’s payments in full.

Please do not contact me or have anyone else contact me for any disputes, if you do not understand feel free to look at your copy of the modification.

i know i know i should even try negotating with him, but i NEED something from him NOW so i need to look like and have proof to the court system that i am workign with him beyond what i should have to

what you think?

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that's what child support enforcement told me. since his mom wears the belt for his finances i'm going to go ahead and e-mail her and make it short sweet and simple. It would probably go faster if i go through attorney, but seeing as he's not being held responsible for those fees :? i can't afford to go through her unless i KNOW FOR SURE he will be responsible