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am i being petty? please respond

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ok so as you know sd14 is grounded for all her lies over the last year. the weekend before she got grounded dh promised them that he would let them go to the school dance this year if we got enough notice. bm calls this dance is tomorrow, WTF! that is progress i'll have to admit :sick: okok bm said she found out yesterday when the school told the girls....couldn't she have called us YESTERDAY??? :? I guess it's still better than the morning of like last year :sick:

when we were determining her punishment (for 2 weekends now) he NEVER ONCE mentions ANYTHING about this promise he made. am i pissed? ABSOLUTELY because he doesn't mention anything to me about any promises now all the sudden bm calls and EVERYTHING is changed and sd14 is going to this dance but she's still grounded REALLY? :jawdrop:

with my dd it doesn't matter what we've promised her, if her actions dont deserve promise to be fullfilled, IT'S NOT HAPPENING

i'm not worried at all about sd13 getting there, hell i told dh i would go pick her up and get her there myself. despite all the plans i have already made FOR ME



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I would be pee'd off too. She's grounded that means you go to school you come home and stay in. My other halfs idea is you go to your friends and your friends can come over really annoys me my sd13 learns nothing from this other than being grounded isn't a punishment. A school dance is fun and not needed for education so it's off limits in my grounded ideas but then you have guilty daddy syndrome going on in your home so you need to change the rules too your grounded but you can still do as you please. Smile

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she's mine, we have no kids together, but that's how i have always raised her, she knows her actions will give me the right to not fulfill a promise HOWEVER after she straightens up i usually fulfill it

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actually he and my dd have a DAMN GOOD relationship, they are probably closer than she and i are

he's much more strict with her because he's not afraid of making her hate him like he is his biokids, i'm talking to him right now, we are trying to work out a compromise

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his bio's know that their mom is much easier on them than we are BY FAR. and LIKE ALL OTHER DAD's he's worried about them hating him therefore hes' being more of a friend than a parent.