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mil, sil and bm-mil you are the BIGGEST fn 2 face'd b's i know!

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mil and sil is OFFICIALLY ON MY piss off, i don't give a shit about you list!

lil history:
offense #1: sil took sd's out shopping for our wedding and bought them NICE dresses, but not my dd (blew that off at the time)-her money she does with it what she wants.
offense #2: sil took sd's out school shopping and went through bm to do so but didn't say a word to us or offer dd, how we heard.....skids had to brag about that.-her money she does with it what she wants
offense #3: come christmas time mil invited bm over to her house with DH'S family so she could see skids (probably so she could see bm too), knowing due to drama bs within dh's family we were not making an appearance-what ever, your home your choice.

i honestly didn't care

FINAL FN OFFENSE #4: this weekend we went for an afternoon visit. bil who is MARRIED with 4 kids and no divorce filed (been sepearated for almost 2 years) brought his FIANCE' over :? . she looks sweet, and is cute and looks half way sane compared to his WIFE-HIM=still an ass, inevitabel. was the first time i had ANY association with him due to an episode he had of cussing sd14 out (13 at the time) infront of mil, fil, dh, myself, dd and sd 13...UH UH, NOT AROUND ME.

moving forward. mil goes to introduce us and introduces ME with FUCKING BM'S NAME :jawdrop: everyone's jaw is dropping and laughing going ooooo EVEN DH-but he seemed later to be just a po'd as i was, she in the middle of apologizing AND LAUGHING so i stood up and introduced my self to fiance told her she could have my seat and walked out

o i was FURIOUS apparently per dh, mil got CHEWED OUT by fil while i was outside...."i'm sorry" isnt' going to cut it this time. apparently bm is on your mind as your dil and you can just keep telling yourself that you two faced #$#$@#$#@^%^% :sick:


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i do avoid EVERYTHING with them. mil knows the only way to get to skids without getting ride all the drama around her is through bm. i'm done with it. the ONLY time dh and i go "visit" is when WE and our family are the only ones that will be there. i REFUSE to go when everyone else is there because of drama-usually on Sunday's.

i don't answer the phone when mil calls, we don't invite them to things that we are doing (they wouldn't come anyway-never did)

:sick: dh better not be offended if he cant' get me to go visit any more (for a while).....that was insult from here to high heavens...i do not resemble bm in ANY fashion.

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I love my MIL but she calls me DH ex's wife's name all the time, and that is crazy because she hates her, so what does that mean for me. geesh. she catches herself and I just brush it off, but I think you MIL did that on purpose.

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I KNOW she did it on purpose because she NEVER has done that before and lately has pretty much told us she's spending a lot of time with her..............BUT there's so many times she has vented AND family stories would back up how much mil hated bm when dh and i first got together.


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My MIL & SIL and ALL in-laws are not a part of our life. ZERO. No family time, holidays, visits NOTHING. We are much happier that way. Their loss, they are way too ghetto for me anyway. They have BM all up their ass 24/7. They could keep her. I have the man. Good riddance.

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that's where we are headed, we used to spend every holiday there, sunday's with everyone else in the family and long story short drama after drama after drama, we dont' anymore, dh has to pretty much decide while we are out to take me to see his mom and dad. this last holiday season we didn't spend ANY holiday with them (they assumed we were going to be there-and signed us up to bring stuff and didn't take us seriously until their "item" never showed for the holidays)

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Somerg you might be better off. I refuse to be a part of a family that has done nothing but offend, disrespect, badmouth & create drama within my marriage. They are all miserable and they say that I think I'm better than them and that we (me & DH) think we are too good for them and all this other crap. They can go screw themselves. We are quite happy, Skids and all.

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yeah, mil asks dh "are you too good to come visit the family on sundays' anymore?" all he tells her is....believe what you want to makes no matter to me anymore.

i wouldn't go over there PERIOD but the one person i still have a HEALTHY relationship with is fil, and they only way to maintain that is if i put up with the bs every so often (he can't hear without hearing aids or ppl screaming at him-so he doesn't hear half of what goes on, and perfers it that way)

other than that, yeah i keep my distance and try to only communicate with fil through internet-works nicely

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WOW just WOW! So sorry for you. I can't imagine having a mil that would do that crap. You are going to have to tell your dh you refuse to have anything to do with her ever! That would have been the last straw from and never would I give her another chance!

I am very lucky that my mil loves me more and can't stand bm. But of course bm treated her the same way your mil treats you.

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I've pretty much told him that, told him a few minutes ago not to expect me to visit her for a LONG TIME

my mil used to vent to me about how much she hates bm, but lately, and APPARENTLY she goes to the person that will listen to her bs

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yeah i can think my lucky stars for that, but see, his family is NOT your average family, i used to think they do b at eachother all the time but when push comes to shove they stick together...............NOPE i was WRONG they will do what they WANT and aint no one telling them other wise dh could ask him mom to not having anything to do with skids on bm's time and she would agree but probably do the opposite if that meant bm will bring kids to her (fn hermit) and sil O HELL NO! don't you DARE tell HER what she can and can't do if the right party approves it!!!!! you'd sign your FN death warrant for that!

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That sucks.. I've never met my MIL because DH and her had a falling out a long time ago, but I've heard she's pretty horrible (told both DH and SIL that she wished she aborted them). She claims to love skids though, but sends all gifts to BM instead of DH, and is trying to scheme with BM to "win custody back" even though BM never had custody except for once when she scammed him by not notifying him of a court date and lied to the judge. I can be sure my MIL wouldn't be too fond of me either, because of course I would back DH up no matter what.