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Starting to really dislike my SIL

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I am extremely pissed! I just found out my vacation is ruined.

We are planning a trip this summer to see MIL, she live across the country. Ss13 will be going down there much sooner then us and then we will travel down a few weeks later with BS1 and all return home a week after that. Earlier SIL said her oldest (10 boy) was also going to be there during this time and that we can just bring him home with us.

Backstory: SIL has this issue where she imposes on other people and she thinks she is doing them a favor because they get to spend preciouse time with her children. MIL actually moved away from all of us because she was tired of doing daily free daycare for SIL and her three children. MIL is no the type of person to speak up so she moved away. SILs kids are rowdy and lack manners.

Anyways, I told SIL no, this is the first time I've told her no. I explained that we are driving the car (18 hour trip) and there will be no room for three people in the back seat. I have a large britex car seat for BS and it takes up half the back seat. She got all butt hurt and said that boy 10'wouldnt be going then, she also hasn't been speaking to me really since

So today dh text me to inform me that boy 10 will be there during the time we are there. She is flying him home with older BIL. I'm so mad! Dh and I haven't been on a vacation in years and now we are going to have to entertain and drag around a bratty child.

SIL and her family are going to visit mil later in the summer, so it makes me mad that she is imposing on our vacation.


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You have my sympathy. Last year, I was conned into going on "vacation" with my in-laws who brought my SIL's three kids along thinking it would be fun.

I swear to Christ, tying my tongue to the back of a jeep and dragging me naked through a field of broken glass would have been less painful.

Two words: Never. Again.

That single experience was enough to make me purposely avoid any and all family activities where my SIL and her kids are involved.

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Really shitty move on her part! Not much you can do but enjoy your family trip best you can. When down there I would take the approach of making it known this is your only summer trip you will make the most with your spouse and your kids and that MIL who is boarding him can do with him what she plans to experience with him and pay for. Get used to saying "See you at dinner!" Or "Don't wait up!" If it was me, I would make the best of it and ignore imposition until someone brought it up which may never happen.

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Our trip was planned to help out with the summer visitation of ss. We get ss for 6 weeks during the summer, but we don't have 6 weeks of vacation. MIL was coming up here to visit family and then she is taking ss back with her. Then we are coming down a few weeks later to spend time and pick up ss. So no, we can't change the trip without it effecting everything n