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CS increase and court - outcome

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In my last blog I mentioned that a review had happened and my DH was ordered to pay for one year a heavy increase in top of the normal increase. This was due to a 401k loan dispersement that we took out for a down payment on our house. DH had changed jobs and he either had to pay the loan back or be taxed on it as income.

Court just got over with and the judge found in favor of my DH. He was able to prove he did not start continuing to his 401k until after starting to pay CS and that Ss had already benefited from that calculated income. Therefore it would be double dipping.

BM was at the hearing and I guess she was in fumes. She must of had plans for all the income and though DH would never fight it. Guess she will have to find another way to support her 4 other kids and deadbeat husband.


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oh that's amazing news!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wippee!!!!!!!