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Whining Sends me to an Immediate 10

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I can't stand whining. I think I would prefer to be punched in the eye instead of listen to it. It immediately escalates me to a 10 of rage I swear. SS9 is a whiner & SO says he's working on it/handling it but we constantly fight about it. He says I don't think he parents right, blah blah...(yeah sometimes I don't think you do SO). SS9 has lived with us for 3 yrs & always been a whiner.

Easily Annoyed by Constant Noise

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For starters, I have always been easily irritated/annoyed & have short capacity for dumb things. My SS9 drives me bonkers with endless noise. I’ve tried to disengage but he lives here FT. My biggest annoyance with him is he makes endless noise-constantly talking to himself, babbling & especially if I am around. It is worse when his anxiety amps up, he literally won’t shut up. I don’t want to hide in my bedroom for peace & I should not feel like prisoner in my own home from this babble brain. Yes he has been talked to about it many times & it doesn't bother his dad.

No kid is this lazy or clueless, right?

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I've been a lurker, now blowing up my blog venting poster.

There has got to be something wrong with SS9 or I have never seen anyone in my life so lazy to engage their brain with a tiny thought that could make their day (and everyone here) much easier. I have 10 examples a day of this ridiculously stupid crap but here's the recent:

At OUR wits end with SS9

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Eeek, sorry it is long! Background: I have a BS13 who I split 50/50 custody without a CO, CS etc, my priority. SO moved into my home April 2019. SS was 5 then, living w/BM. The CO was grey due to SOs job. He worked at the railroad-on call 24/7/365-impossible to have a set visitation schedule. They have 50/50 custody on paper still.  SO would get SS every opportunity possible & I immediately saw he was behind in life. BM never had a job, collected excessive CS, asked for it early, wanted more, was verbally abusive, married a felon, taught SS no basic skills.