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It finally happened

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Well I knew it would happen sooner or later and it finally did.

SS(10) texted DH on Friday afternoon and said he didn't want to come for his weekend visit, I was very surprised the BM allowed him to stay becasue usually NOTHING stands between her and her freedom on the weekends. Apparently SS had made some plans with a friend from school so DH was happy to hear that and was ok with him not visiting.

what does it matter

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BM text DH at 8:30 this morning wanting to know what time for pick up. DH tells me and I said that it isn't your week he has 1st 2nd & 4th weekend this is the 5th. He said well I'm not going to say I don't wnat him so I am taking him. 

He then ask me what time is good for me, this is the first time he has ever asked what time works for me and I told him that my thoughts didn't matter, it was up to him and the ex. I then informed him he was on his own for pick up today as I was not planning on going. 

Todays another day

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So as it turns out the reason that SS10 has been with us since Friday is becasue a student tested positive at his school and BM thought it best that he not go back just yet. I was told this last night by DH when she called to tell him she would be picking SS up around 3. This now means that DH has to leave work hours early to be home to get his son ready.

Inconsiderate DH

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This was DH's weekend with SS. 

We started out like we always do, BM text DH to tell him that she can't make the 4pm pick up and is looking at 5-5:30. It's an hour drive each way which means we aren't getting home to have dinner until 7ish and we are driving in the dark which we both have a hard time with. On the visitation agreement it actually has a 4pm pick up to accomadate for not driving at night, But for whatever reason she is always later. 

I'd rather not make this ride every weekend but DH looks at it as time we get to spend together. 

Something has to give

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DH was informed by his ex that DHS was called to her home because SS10 told his therapist that BM's BF hits him. I was not surprised by this since I suspected moms BF of causing SS broken arm last year but apparenty I was the only one that thought that. We were also told that the police are there on a weekly basis now becasue BM and BF fight constantly