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No end in sight

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SS10 has been here since Thanksgiving. I have managed to get him to the end of the school year ( fully online) without failing although had it not have been for me he would have. It seems that he is here to stay. BM has fully dropped out of the picture with the exception of calling SS once a month for a quick visit. I wasn't prepared to start parenting all over again when I met DH and this is really more that I bargained for. But it is what it is. 


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SS10 came for his Thanksgiving visit and we were told by BM that he ay have to stay with us for a while because she was moving. A few days later she shows up with  3 trashbags full of his clothes and his school laptop saying that he is in virtual school until January 15 and that after that we might have to enroll him in our district school. Fastforward 5 months SS has been in in virtual school in our district since January. BM has only seen him 3 times since then, we found out this weekend that she is living at a hotel that is known as a hooker/drug hotel.

Doesn't stand a chance

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We received a copy of SS(10) progress report the other day, and as of now he is failing badly in everything. He has a 35 in MATH, How is it possible to even make that up to barely passing.

SS has been here with us since Thanksgiving mainly becasue BM insist that she is moving at some point and has packed up her house. Not sure that I buy this but it doesn't matter what I think when it comes to HER.

Teaching Responsibility

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What is a good time to start teaching a child responsibility? I think the sooner the better.

My SS is on vidtual learning and has been given a Chromebook by his school, he broke the charger that it came with so it takes longer to charge it on a regular charger. That being said shouldn't it be HIS responsibility to plug t in when he is done class so it has enough time to charge fully? 

What is the next move ???

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SS10 has been with us since Wednesday. BM told DH that he had remote learning from 12/1 -12/14 and that he would have to stay with us during that time becasue her BF had sold their house and they had to be out on 11/30. Knowing that SS had remote learning she didn't bother to pack his school laptop. Called on 11/29 to tell DH that she wasn't sure where they were moving to, She is on probation so technically can't leave her county, she also stated that she was thinkiing of taking SS out of the school he was in so that we could enroll him into a school by us. 

It finally happened

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Well I knew it would happen sooner or later and it finally did.

SS(10) texted DH on Friday afternoon and said he didn't want to come for his weekend visit, I was very surprised the BM allowed him to stay becasue usually NOTHING stands between her and her freedom on the weekends. Apparently SS had made some plans with a friend from school so DH was happy to hear that and was ok with him not visiting.

what does it matter

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BM text DH at 8:30 this morning wanting to know what time for pick up. DH tells me and I said that it isn't your week he has 1st 2nd & 4th weekend this is the 5th. He said well I'm not going to say I don't wnat him so I am taking him. 

He then ask me what time is good for me, this is the first time he has ever asked what time works for me and I told him that my thoughts didn't matter, it was up to him and the ex. I then informed him he was on his own for pick up today as I was not planning on going. 

Todays another day

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So as it turns out the reason that SS10 has been with us since Friday is becasue a student tested positive at his school and BM thought it best that he not go back just yet. I was told this last night by DH when she called to tell him she would be picking SS up around 3. This now means that DH has to leave work hours early to be home to get his son ready.