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Has steptalk made you a better or worse step parent?

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My DH knows I'm on some form of step parent vent site. He does not pry because he has decent privacy boundaries

I bring up hypothetical questions based on you guys A LOT


What if one of the kids just wants us not BM at her graduation?

If BM taught daycare and the kids were a little older would we have them over with the current virus ?

What are your views on kids in the household after high school?


What would you do if we have a child and your kids cause a fuss?


Why are you calling?

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Sorry to blog hog but I'm having a very weird week and BM keeps calling DH and I'm frustrated.

So last week BM takes the kids to the dentist ( DH got them dental a few months ago) both have extreme cavities. Want to guess why? Both were using bottles until 5 or 3 respectively. So anyone with a dumb spouse allowing that- make it stop at your home.

Some odd backstorysle

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Well I'm sad and angry so I figured this would be the time to give a tell all and to scare younger members out of this situation. It's long but I promise to paragraphs to not kill our eyeballs collectively.


Young lady T got married at 19 after being engaged after high school to someone she started dated 2 months prior.

Lady T had a husband 7 years older and while abusive and terrible both parties tried to make it work. It flat out didn't and lady T got screwed as she tried to stick to the divorce decree while ex just took all he could

New House , New rules?

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Hope everyone has been doing amazing ! It's been a bit since I've logged in but I've been following all the updates

So DH and I are buying a house. We should have already been further in this process but some "fun" came up with medical expenses .So back to looking and scrimping we go 

Couple questions for those on here much MUCH wiser than myself 

My dad's drama

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Not on topic for me but definitely a topic for here

My father keeps calling my mother. Constantly. 

He is remarried. She is not but she is quite frankly happy right now

She is very uncomfortable when he calls. I told her to explain there is no reason for him to call her.

I have told my father to be better to my step mother particularly after pulling this s--t for a few months. And to stop. Calling  . My mother


A year in review / my love letter to steptalk

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I went through all my old posts tonight. In a way that's the best way to understand the right and wrongs of life. I cringe at my mistakes ( the baptism ) I glow in the change ( basically anything regarding SD7)

I'm still so unsure where my life is going. DH and I have an open discussion about having a child.if we are financially stable. I'm still not sure about a kid.. I mean I could go for a cat or dog instead but part of me is beginning to think we could have that grandkid my family wants . If it's a girl I honestly worry how SD7 would react.

OT-ish Dear Zachary

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When DH went to bed I went on a movie binge last night

I'm not sure why I watched Dear Zachary again. Watched it before I was a step mom a few years back. Watching it as a step mom I basically rage cried throughout the entire thing.

If you've never watched it there's a very pointed argument of how much the legal system favors moms even when they are absolutely bat sh--


Happy Dadmas? No? Ok..

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Well Dadmas ( our weekend prior to the holiday) started off... Great.

SD4 has a bad cough. So we definitely wanted her Friday night regardless (SD7 will get a cold soon as they are always together) plus this is our only time to give them their gifts.

Both of the kids were happy and grateful for the gifts . SD4 asked to go home at 10. Fine used to it. Could go on a rant on how it's BM and Dh's fault 

So we have a great morning with SD7. SD4 is to be dropped off at 1 to go to Grandpa's with us.

Baptism update

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So better and / or worse than expected

We get there and we had thought this was like the whole Pre-K class ( sd4 goes to Pre-K at this church)

Nope! It's a sermon. Only SD4 is getting the baptism. Just the Saturday congregation. And BM is wearing a pink mini angora sweater dress with no bra ! Stay classy.

We come in and there's maybe 25 people and BM has us FRONT and center. Yikes. There goes the escape plan.

BM to DH " so will you be up with SDs and I for the words ?"

DH: ugh what's normal ?

BM: both of us should go up

DH: ok