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Child Catcher taking the kids to another state , hotel time?

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*hard sigh* 

So back in I want to say May or so DH brought up BM may be taking the kids to see her brother in quite a few states away ( like day drive states away)

Now last he and I spoke of it he had said they may not due to COVID. Well today he says yes they are going after all and he totally told me and I must have just forgot. Um no DH you didn't you just like to sneak things and drop them off when possible. 

Anyways so I asked about will he be seeing / having the skids over afterwards. He said "we'll play it by ear"

What steptalk has taught me and decisions

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( insert 80s training video music here)

We have a new influx of posters. Hi y'all! Hope this site is giving you advice. This is going to be an update/ reasons you should hed the advice here going into things as a new poster

1. My DH is still a silent push over. Here's how I started to learn how to not care

So my DH has grown from being full on Disney dad to having decent discipline and boundaries. While it's nice he still has not asked BM for the password to get SD7s grades

Any takers on why? My guesses are 

OT-ish proud of my mom

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Hope everyone has been doing ok with everything going down. Things aren't great here but I've thrown complaining to the wind as I'm voice is to deaf ears so I'm beginning the semi disengaging process. Here's a decent story to brighten at least maybe my day. 

So my mother finally started seeing someone a few months ago. Well seeing someone to the point of telling me. She never remarried after my father. Had a few engagements but the last one was over 15 years ago. Guy was in the midst of a divorce and left my mother once she got a cancer diagnosis. Great guy... -_-

Ohhh Child Catcher...

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In prior blogs I've mentioned BMs nickname as child Catcher and oh boy. It's fitting like a glove still.

SD 4 didn't even bother to come over this weekend. At least that saved DH the usual 10pm "I miss my mom" trip.

But did that stop child Catcher from calling twice last night and twice so far today with SD7? Nope. And these are not quick face times. Usually half hour rambles with her going "we miss you girlfriend" over and over. We got you gifts. We are getting McDonald's right now. Why is she trying to PAS them both ? 

My jilted proposal / Mr. Used to have it

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Not to blog hog but two stories in one! Yay I feel the years coming for me.


So in past blogs you've seen how DH takes talks about BM being just... Fun

Their AC broke 3 weeks ago. It was fixed in a day

Did that stop BM ? Nope. She takes the kids from home every few days to stay at a hotel.  And switched hotels as out here you have to give a reason to stay currently.

Did that stop BM from having the kids playing with other kids ? Per the kids.. no. 

Some happy news - I have a pretty great SM

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So there's a ton of negative blogs on ( mine included) so let's get some happy stuff here

My dad started dating my SM when I was around ten or so. While I love my dad  he can be a piece of work. My SM is straight up and extremely honest. Also never drinks , uses, really the woman just has cats as her weakness.

So I called my dad's house and got my step mom. We talked for 30 minutes straight and while as the kid it isn't my place to know she explained why my dad was being insane a few weeks back.

Why it's different

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Please note above says "why it's different" not "stepdads have it easier" This is my situation 

I'm a weird person. I constantly over process information to the point I rarely sleep. 

Something that my DH always says kind of bothered me " it wasn't so hard for me"

Now while I can get into the obvious - her kid did not have a present father, you had time to build a relationship etc. Here's where  I figured out the actual issue to a pinpoint.

Am I a mask monster?

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About 2 weeks ago I bought masks off Etsy. More so in case they become mandatory but I've been wearing mine to pick up things at the corner shop etc 

I bought me and DH two and one for each of the stepkids. I bought them strictly for our household.

BM has been pretty reckless. This is of course outside looking in but their AC broke so they stayed at a hotel for a few days. Completely understood.

The kids ended up "making friends " at the pool. Normally blood would boil but I'm starting to let go. I have no control . DH won't say sh-- so I'll stay out of the drama.

Welcome to the Crazy

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We apparently have lots of fun and games 


So today me and DH go through Easter groceries because I remembered it was this coming weekend with the kids. 

So he actually heartfelt helped out. Ham, egg , egg dye, candy etc . It was awesome that he was helping. Truly it felt so great to get feedback. I don't really care about Easter but having that list. Having the stuff for the kids. I started to feel better