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OT hard choices

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Hello friends ! It's been a bit.

I have a lot of not fun going on with my mother and some weird stuff with the step kids but this is a weird offer I need to bring up for some sage advice 

My husband and I were saving to buy a house. We actually made an offer , did inspection, then found out despite being pre qualified my husband with 1099 would need to wait til 2 years of employment. Welp my dreams were crushed but we moved on.

Enjoying the ride or about to hit a drop

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First off my apologies for not being the best replying to comments. Most of the time I just don't know what to say besides " I agree" so I just like comments. This will be different

So I did book our mini vacation with the step kids. We are keeping it as a slight Surprise.  I got a off property resort with two bedrooms ( I don't know how comfortable  I'd be in a regular hotel room with them. Even for this long of a time when we stayed out here we stayed at suites or Airbnb). I digress. 

Some beacon of hope

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So last weekend went off awesome. BM does not have a bath at her home so I got the kids bath bombs and they loved it. Both were gracious and in a great mood all weekend.

We visited DHs family for a bit and went home where we watched space jam 2 ( which was awful) but we had an amazing time. My DH took pictures of us dancing around when the movie got boring as I wore my parody bugs bunny kigurimi ( basically large saggy pajamas )

Is BM getting less clingy?

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Or is this just an experimental situation? That is the question.

So after our last weekend of calling the kids on their cells constantly. To the point of waking one of the girls up Sunday. Yea that was fun. DH actually finally grew a pair and asked for some courtesy during our time. Meaning the kids should be spending their time with him well- with him. Not calling her because she asked them to.

A love letter to BM

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Folks it's a long one. Don't bother to read if you don't need to I just need to vent after everything

Dear child catcher,

I LOVE that you got SD6 and SD8 iphones. Isn't that grand? With all of the issues they've had with unfettered internet access isn't that so exciting? 

Oh ? You got those so you can call and FaceTime your children 24/7 during visitation? Wow good for you. Great parenting. Good job waking up the kids early on Sunday with a loud phone call. They were sooo happy about that 

How to ruin a good weekend by child catcher ( rant)

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To preface- I had long ago named BM child catcher as she would often try to lure at least youngest away from weekends with whatever she could ( promises of ice cream, outings etc.) That died down after SD6 had started staying overnight again but last weekend was a doozie of drama which may actually have some impact on DH letting BM have phone calls during our weekends.

So Friday besides her texting him 3 or 4 times to check in on the " babies" goes fine. 

And now an update on stepkids

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First off a giant apology for not addressing all of the heart fealt comments regarding my mother. She's currently in a tango between life and death . I can't change or do jack shit.

So my crazy ass stepkids. I love them. I truly do but holy shit their mother's level of crazy always finds ways into my household. Gems like :

"Mom wants us to be homeschooling "

" Mom doesn't believe we possibly came from apes"

" Our big brother cheated on ( his long time girlfriend)"

Update on Mom

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Well folks things have taken a turn for the worse.

My mother had a brain bleed stroke and hasn't woken up. I'm back home feeling guilty leaving my sister with this mess.

Her odds are very very low. Like my sister basically being asked when to pull the plug low.  I keep wanting to ask my mother for advice only to realize I can't.

So I'm focusing on some of the positives of what this has shown in people

OT thoughts, vibes, prayers needed.

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My mother ( aka a total bad ass if anyone remembers that blog) was found by my sister at home not very responsive today.

My sister called ambulance and my mother has a hemorrhage in her brain. She's currently in a medically induced coma with no word of how this will pan out.

I feel like I left my family to move so far for my husband and his kids. Now I feel like a complete traitor leaving my sister alone to deal with this. 

Things are getting better?

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Summary of my steplife - eldest SD8 loves being at our small house every other weekend. SD5 rarely spent nights over 

Husband was a total douche on loads of occasions ( see past blogs)

Well two weeks ago I booked a house on a canal for DHs bday. Both kids were invited and had their own room and despite sleeping with mommie dearest they were more than happy to have privacy. Youngest stayed with us the whole time and didn't cry for mommie once.

Meanwhile child catcher mommie dearest was blowing up phones . I guess that part of the codependency was figured out.