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Stepkids at family weddings

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We have SD6 this weekend. SD4 is MIA which at this point I think my husband is actually not just allowing but encouraging

I think because it's been a year of trial and a loooot of error he just doesn't want to deal with it unless it's a short visit

Welp in May my sister let me know both girls are invited to her Halloween wedding 2020. Extremely lavish - they already married court house wise but my mother is a weirdo and wanted to have a big hurrah. 

DH Family came over for the first time

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Follow up from the last blog: me and DH had a talk about tone and it went well. He agreed to try better and at least he's pointing out the issue vs ignoring it

Well DHs family came over. His dad, sister , and bil

It went really really was nice to sort of vent the issues with DH, BM , and the skids when DH was out for a bit.

They like me a lot. Father was a heavy heavy Russian accent so I had to ask for a redo sometimes when he spoke but we got along well

When the cup is getting empty

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Or the tank or whatever you folks call your reserve that keeps you sane

I work from home but I work a customer facing job meaning I need to be at my computer as much as possible. I work the same amount of hours as DH

I did a small experiment to see if he'd start doing household work if I wasn't. Now he'll nag me up and down if I forget to make the bed but this man rarely takes out Trash, cleans up, dishes, has got the mail TWICE ( mailbox is a lockbox down the street) since last year

Cosleeping and PAS

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So the girls were over tonight. We all went grocery shopping. They ate their favorite foods. We got them fruit and ice cream which they ate happily.

Went on a walk to look for frogs. Found a few. Everything downstairs is set for them. Child Catcher texts if she can say goodnight

This is always a loaded question for us. The youngest has crazy PAS at this point . But at the same time we thought it was fair.

Well youngest of course wants to go home. Fine. We are honestly so used to it. 

The bad The good and the Jesus why

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The bad :

Welp BM showed DH SD6s report card. She is behind in math, reading , and vocabulary/ comp.

She also missed OVER 30 days of school this year. Good job BM. 

The good:

Since that happened I put my early childhood classes from high school to work. DH is a little strict so making her some MS word worksheets featuring characters she likes seemed like something to do in my down time.

Our's Baby?

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Hello y'all. Step hell has been ..less hellish ? I stopped getting into the politics and just enjoy the time we have with the kids

This weekend was our weekend with the eldest ( youngest plays hot cold based on her mum) which means after 10 or so I go upstairs with headphones and a bottle of wine

Good feels

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Well child catcher had an afternoon booty call so demanded us to watch SD3 as we already had SD6 over

There was slight drama as early in the day SD6 and I had gone to Target to buy some our house only clothes. SD3 saw she was wearing new clothes and demanded a new dress. We tried to get her into the set SD6 had liked but was too short . Fit SD3 ok but after she ripped off the tags SD3 declared it was too tight. Lovely 

Child catcher is clearly a bootycall today

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That isn't nice to say but the kids keep going into her various friends coming in and out. She threw a fit when the kids met me under the same pretense but we get a new name every few weeks and days we just HAVE to watch both even if it's off days ( we still say no if it's not agreed ahead of )

Well SD3 came. I was shocked. But she did usual I miss my mom bit and dh texted. SD3 was like well mom said she'd be at the store super super late so to stay with you. 

Place your bets. You folks were right on child catcher

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Quick tl;dr on my semi plight

Moved 1000 miles away with fiancee ( now DH) to chase after newly hippie dippie BM. BM is a disney mom since moving here . We had to get SD6 off bottles and cosleeping. SD3 rarely stays but she took herself off bottles after apparently puking it up at BMs

Weekend before last SD3 actually stayed over and almost the whole weekend but BM kept facetiming literally offering ice cream for her to come home

SD3 did turn it down but we were supposed to have her last Tuesday, last Thursday and this Tuesday