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Good feels

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Well child catcher had an afternoon booty call so demanded us to watch SD3 as we already had SD6 over

There was slight drama as early in the day SD6 and I had gone to Target to buy some our house only clothes. SD3 saw she was wearing new clothes and demanded a new dress. We tried to get her into the set SD6 had liked but was too short . Fit SD3 ok but after she ripped off the tags SD3 declared it was too tight. Lovely 

Child catcher is clearly a bootycall today

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That isn't nice to say but the kids keep going into her various friends coming in and out. She threw a fit when the kids met me under the same pretense but we get a new name every few weeks and days we just HAVE to watch both even if it's off days ( we still say no if it's not agreed ahead of )

Well SD3 came. I was shocked. But she did usual I miss my mom bit and dh texted. SD3 was like well mom said she'd be at the store super super late so to stay with you. 

Place your bets. You folks were right on child catcher

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Quick tl;dr on my semi plight

Moved 1000 miles away with fiancee ( now DH) to chase after newly hippie dippie BM. BM is a disney mom since moving here . We had to get SD6 off bottles and cosleeping. SD3 rarely stays but she took herself off bottles after apparently puking it up at BMs

Weekend before last SD3 actually stayed over and almost the whole weekend but BM kept facetiming literally offering ice cream for her to come home

SD3 did turn it down but we were supposed to have her last Tuesday, last Thursday and this Tuesday

When BM is becoming Child Catcher

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Update -DH did apologize and explained he did understand how I felt so letting him off on Friday night this time ...

But we had an awesome weekend . Sd3 actually stayed over which rarely rarely happens. She actually stayed til Saturday night. But oh boy BM tried to get her back home

BM facetimed three times Saturday. And each time it got more pathetic. It started normal but by time three she was offering the kid ice cream to come back.

All I could think of is the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang " children !! I have lollipops"

OT- gaslighting

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Lately DH keeps telling me he "can't wait for me to be on xanex" because I try to plan things out . BM has been playing with the schedule a lot lately which is driving me bonkers

I only care because that messes up my plans . Food prep etc. But today it was him switching things around.

Sometimes BMs dumbassery knows no bounds

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SD6 keeps getting sick. She's probably missed about  4 weeks or more of school because of that and BM takes her out of school to see family.

I know it's only kindergarten but it's all fishy and weird . DH has had to pay for urgent care 3 times this year (DH is waiting on insurance - BM is self employed)

Today SD comes over. She's coughing and  raspy . I ask her if she went to school today. Nope .But she went to the zoo with BM...


Long time no see

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So SD now 6 because WE ( not BM who has full custody of) is off bottles. I gave the whole bottle fairy most folks use at 2 and it worked. Biggest issue is the youngest

5 days of so little sleep

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Been hoping the kid wants to head home prior to Friday but I doubt it.

To any comments on the last post I didn't reply to- I was honestly so shell shocked at the time I had to step back

Some quick background- me and my fiancee moved over 1000 miles away because BM needed a "lifestyle change". She got a remote position so could have worked anywhere. Fiancee debated legal options but instead we decide to move here to avoid legal fees. SD3 can sometimes handle a night here. SD5 cries when she has to go to BMs regardless of the situation at this point

BM wants to give us custody

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And by golly she can stay miserable.

TLDR we moved 1000 miles so my SO could be by his kids who BM moved away. 

Oldest SD has always loved me. To the point she wanted my haircut and always over talks to her mum about me. Suddenly this weekend in front of SD BM brings up her staying here for awhile ( implied a week).OK. wish she would have asked us prior but whatever

SO and what they owe ex step kids

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First off I lurk here off my username so often and am thankful for all the venting and advice. Great to feel not alone.

Long story short I moved across the country with my FH to be by his kids. Things are great with the kids for the most part.

FH informs me last week his ex is taking the kids to see her family a few states away for the weekend. Awesome! First whole weekend alone together we've had in along time