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A love letter to BM

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Folks it's a long one. Don't bother to read if you don't need to I just need to vent after everything

Dear child catcher,

I LOVE that you got SD6 and SD8 iphones. Isn't that grand? With all of the issues they've had with unfettered internet access isn't that so exciting? 

Oh ? You got those so you can call and FaceTime your children 24/7 during visitation? Wow good for you. Great parenting. Good job waking up the kids early on Sunday with a loud phone call. They were sooo happy about that 

Also excellent job telling them to keep those phones with them all the time. Because young kids sure can keep track of things. Oh sorry they kept the phones at home while we went out with them for a few hours. Your daughter called you after missing ten calls in a two hour span. You must have been soooo worried.

The kids must have been miserable making home made noodles , decorative cupcakes and lighting off fireworks. They truly needed you there to make it special. 

Good for you though. The kids love to talk to me and DH during your time. Isn't it funny how we try to cut those calls short while being supportive? Must be magic?

It's always lovely to hear you tell the kids how stressed they are when they reply they are fine and having a good time. Telling them to take medicine you packed which has "cherry plum" as it's main active ingredient. Maybe you should take some yourself. Since it's so effective.

Get a man or a decent Boy with batteries you low life.


Lady T


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LOVE THIS! If I wrote a letter to BM, it would go something like this. 

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Sarcasm is the only tone these people deserve. Particularly after months of hearing so much exhortation. 

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Our BM sent my 9-year old SS with a stuffed animal doused in BM's perfume and a GPS tracking watch that updates BM of SS' location every 15 minutes. We took away the stuffed animal and put the tracker watch in our pantry for two weeks. We receive ample communication from BM about SS "not being safe" in our care. Trust me, I completely understand your frustration and irritation with this type of idiocy. 

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I'm actually pretty well read on your history. Your BM and her partner are insane. Though I'd still gladly trade as we have no CO ( completely on DH at this point)

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CastleJJ-  BM who would spray cheap perfume on pieces of her clothing. The teen male skids would arrive wearing her stuff. 

No joke.

Tell me, how many teen boys do YOU know that wear their moms clothing? 

Our tried to push and PUSH to have dh allow the cells "GRANNY" bought in our home. First BM, you want to us to always believe everyone else buys their things. Take a hike. ... Well dh said Nope and the Judge did not push it either. It was bad enough they took photos and videos inside our home with their little high tech cameras.

Then after she was told no, BM took it to the next level. She reported DH stole the kids cell phones...we never even saw a cell phone. She had a lawyer involved wanting us to pay HER max costs to replace. For the love of God this woman never stops.

I remember your story's nuts.



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One of those excel cloud spreadsheets with links? I could see that. Just need to get my woman cave and I'd be on it

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I have written many letters to BM that have been burned in the fireplace. It would feel so good to send one, wouldn't it??

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BM claimed SHE wrote SO a 10 page letter (while crying on the phone because he was calling her out on BS... she's a big crier) yet to see this letter.

When SD14 turns 18... I might say a few words that I didn't say when we had our fallout in February 2018. 

One day.

Edit: she told him that a few months after court (may 2018) and she stopped taking skids for visitation. She was in the hospital with a kidney infection or something and apparently SO should have taken the kids to go see her because "someone should be teaching them how to be kind thoughtful souls." 

Ive told that story on here a few times I think. Still makes me laugh.

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Wow BM was just like this when SD was younger, right down to insisting on her taking the herbal medicines. What is it with BMs teaching stepkids to believe they are weak and sickly?