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Add another to that statistic.

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June 26, 2015.

The date my marriage actually ended. Technically it is still going through the formalities but he and I have signed the papers, they have been forwarded to the judge and are just awaiting a bit of ink for it all to be official.

The death knell to my relationship was not even the skids.
It was my DH’s willingness to ignore dangerous and illegal behaviors and his eagerness to bury his head ass deep into the sand to make his life easier that killed it.

New Members ....

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To our new members: Welcome Smile

To (some of) our existing members:

Please just stop.
Assuming that every new member (or actually ANY new member) is a fraud/ troll/ duplicate log in for someone else.

Even IF you truly believe it there is no reason to post all over a new members blog/post your suspicions.

Think Thrice

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Ok trying this post again, since the first one didnt post...

You're a wench!

Why? Because you're headed to the Keys today, a full week before me!! So while I am slaving away at work today and over the weekend, you are in the land of sun, adult fun, booze and sunshine.

I am jealous dammit! Blum 3