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Finally BM is blocked forever. Thank you everyone for all your support!

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SSD just turned 18.  Crazo was texting DH (50 texts at time) last week and he had had enough. He sent the crazy wack job a text 2 days before ssd 18th birthday, that said:  K is about to be18, I am blocking your number we do not need to communicate further. I will communicate with K directly on anything she needs.

Wow finally.... No more crazy text. We are so relieved. 

SS18 is sowing some wild oats ...and  another day I will blog about that, but for now I will be happy in our peace and quiet.

All this talk about food...

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Makes me think what is your all time comfort food? What do you eat when it is so bad you cannot talk.
Mine: ( do not judge ) Wink
Big Mac, funyuns, strawberry licorice, and a bottle of kendall Jackson Pinot Noir.

My daughter told my Dh when were dating, if you ever see my mom with this complete combination of foods, do not speak, just walk away, you are in a danger zone. She will talk when she can.

I normally read..lurk, post little... but this has me really angry

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Did you all see this today?

Really, why is it that people who have no clue about being a step parent want to speak for us all and put all of our situations in one bucket.

All of her points are unfortunate but #5... really?

My advice for you on your column is : You have no clue...and you should not be giving advice....

Our Family Wizard...

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Have any of you used it? DH is going back to court soon with Crazo and he has but her in the smallest box possible. Only communicates with her via text.

But she is so ugly and hateful she will text him 30-60 times a day calling him/ sometime us every name in the book. He has started blocking her, but he is missing info he needs abut the skids, that she puts in the middle of these rant sessions.

He is thinking of asking the judge for this form of communication only.

What is your experience with it?

Screaming, banging on the window and giving the bird!

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DH went Friday to pick up the skids as usual. Crazo ran out to the car and started yelling, screaming at the top of her lungs at him, how much she hated him and wished he was dead, and wanted more money. He rolled up the window and she began pounding on it, when he started backing out of the driveway she continued to scream and give him the finger.

How did you come up with your steptalk user name?

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It is Friday and the skids are coming tonight...YIPEE! Sad

As I was reading your blogs this morning. I became intrigued by some of your user names. How and why did you choose it?

I choose mine because I like dragonfly's they are scary to look at but yet beautiful. Most people are afraid of them.

I have my life back.

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Can I get a WHOO WHOO!

The skids went back to Crazo's this morning. I survived my first summer with the skids.

Having the skids with us right after we got married was very difficult for me. I wanted my new DH to myself.

I am so glad we are back to the regular schedule.

Adult world is back and I am ready to fully embrace it!

Just married less than a month and the skids are coming for 6 weeks..advice?

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The love of my life, and I just got married last month. We are now all under one roof. We did not live together the 4 1/2 years we dated.

The skids are coming for 6 weeks starting June 28th, right now we have them every other weekend and Wednesdays.

We have already told them that Crazo is not allowed in the house under any circumstances.