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All this talk about food...

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Makes me think what is your all time comfort food? What do you eat when it is so bad you cannot talk.
Mine: ( do not judge ) Wink
Big Mac, funyuns, strawberry licorice, and a bottle of kendall Jackson Pinot Noir.

My daughter told my Dh when were dating, if you ever see my mom with this complete combination of foods, do not speak, just walk away, you are in a danger zone. She will talk when she can.

He has only seen the complete combo once in 8 yrs. Smile


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Pasta in any shape. If I'm upset I make some pasta and load it up with butter, salt and parmesan. It literally comforts me physically, emotionally and mentally.

That is a very interesting combo you have, I must say Blum 3

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Mac and cheese. The homemade kind not the boxed crap. And Oreo cookies.
It used to be chocolate and candy, but I break out in eczema from it so I had cut back and only eat it on the rare occasion. I have to extremely blue to eat it.

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One of the following (it depends on WHAT is stressing me so severely):

* A few spoonfuls of peanut butter followed by chocolate (dark or devil's food) with chocolate icing and a bottle of New Glarus Belgian Red
* Pizza with pepperoni, shrooms, green olives, a bottle of Belle Glos Clark & Telephone Pinot Noir, and cherry starburst (ONLY cherry)
* A ton of baked fish, a bottle of my current fave white wine (chard, pinot grigio, sauv blanc), and raspberry zingers

If I'm eating raspberry zingers, do not walk away from me. You bloody well better RUN.

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Macaroni and cheese made with extra sharp cheddar cheese, lots of Mexican spices and mixed in with Portuguese sausage. Top with cilantro and lime. Wonderful comfort food. It was great with cold Chardonnay

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YUM!! Smile

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Hot and Sour soup or Lipton chicken noodle soup. That's really the only kind of chicken noodle soup I like.

And usually wine. Any kind will do, I'm not picky.

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Please keep this a secret.....instant mashed potatoes with Cream of Mushroom soup on top for gravy......(shhhhhhhhh)

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OH MY! A funyun is a crunchy, delectable, ring, that has a slight onion taste.

formal description: FUNYUNS® Onion Flavored Rings are a deliciously different snack that's fun to eat, with a crisp texture and zesty onion flavor.

Dragonfly eats a very large bag with other treats when she can't handle any more issues in her life!
They are great when washed down with wine or any alcoholic beverage.

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SLIGHT onion taste?? Woman, my DH ate those and I wouldn't kiss him on mouth for a good 24 hours afterwards. Plaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

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Exactly! Comfort food when all hope is lost..."leave me alone why I drink my bottle of wine and eat away :)" No mouth wash needed. }:)

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I'd have to eat 40 cloves of garlic to dull that funyun taste!!

However, as long as DH and I eat the same pungent foods, we're okay for kissing. Biggrin

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That Lipton chicken noodle soup in the box? That's all I ate for a time as a teenager- so good Smile

If I'm really upset and feeling very down, Cream of Wheat with stevia on top. Sometimes a poached egg with salt, pepper and butter.

And sometimes when I don't feel well physically, I only want a room temperature cheeseburger from McDonald's.

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Yep! I seriously ate it for two weeks straight not that long ago. I was driving SO crazy. Every single meal. Thankfully, I am feeling better.

I am also weird about McDonald's food and eating it after it's not hot. This grosses SO out. Not fries, though, that's gross.

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I can't eat when I'm so upset I can't talk. My stomach just won't allow it.

I won't drink either - bad bad bad

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ok, being totally serious now Wink i have lots of foods i think of as comfort food that simply comfort my soul and remind me of home and/or childhood, but i really don't have any foods that i "eat when it's so bad (i) cannot talk". i'm not an emotional eater.

however, i will talk about my cycle now, so for anyone that feels uncomfortable with this, stop reading now.

ok, for anyone still with me - before i started birth-control pills over 20 years ago, i used to get my period. which also happened to be the same week that mom and sis got theirs (yes, much to dad's chagrin we were sychronized... and we were all SUPER, DUPER, UBER emotional pms'ers) there were certain food items we'd ask him to get or he'd see us eating/making, and he would then disappear for the rest of the day. they were as follows :

- an entire box of entemann's chocolate chip cookies (would disappear in about 15 minutes)
- an entire box of entemann's chocolate covered donuts
- a one-pound bag of peanut m&m's
- a "depression sandwich" - peanut butter, jelly, hershey syrup, sliced banana, and marshmallow fluff.

and it's funny, ya'll *know* that i generally don't crave sweets!

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I told DH last Friday that I was under no circumstances cooking for anyone but myself.

My comfort food: spicy beans and rice with cheese over the top.
I ate two bowls and it was wonderful.

Ok and my splurge?
Cheesy popcorn (Smartfood only) and champagne.
Or it goes pretty good with Pinot Noir too.

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Chocolate. But I did make myself a chip butty today, first time in 10 years and I enjoyed it so much Smile

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Grandma’s Chicken dumpling soup, peanut butter kiss cookies, and Coke if I’m grieving or sad. It was a meal my grandma made for my grandpa and I when he was dying, and it always makes me feel better.

Rice with condensed cream of chicken soup on top for any other emotional distress. French’s onions on top recently - introduced by DH.

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Cheese dip - if things are weird, sometimes I have a 'day of cheese' ! It really helps lol