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Venting about last night with SD

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Last night was one of those nights were my attitude, SO's attitude, and SD10's attitude all collided and led to an evening where we all did our own thing and barely talked to each other. I've been having car trouble and I'm stressed about how much it will cost to fix it (it's a lot) and work has also been stressful. SO was just having a bad day. We all stopped at the grocery store before we came home. I kept asking SO if we needed things and SD kept answering for him. I finally told her, after the third time she did it, "Hey, I'm asking dad if we need these things.

"I can't sleep" Ugghh.

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Y'all I'm at the end of my rope on this one.

SD10 has ALWAYS had trouble sleeping. SO tells me when she was a baby she would fight sleep and it was so bad. They would put her in those baby swings and she would stare at her parents instead of fall asleep. They would do all the things to make this kid sleep and SD was not having any of it. Well, here we are 10 years later and she's still a pain in the ass when bed time rolls around.

SD10 spending one day at home update

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In my previous post I mentioned SO is having SD10 stay home one day a week by herself. So, yesterday was her day and SO had given her a list of things to do. They were mostly easy things and some obvious ones. You know... Take a shower, get dressed, brushed teeth/hair, pick up room, etc. She also had to go through a collection of crafts and decide what ones to keep. She has a camping trip with some friends today that SO asked her to get things out for. He gave her another list to follow for packing.

Intro/Moving in Together/Pre SD Weekend Feels

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Hi all. First time post here so I'll provide some background: SO and I have been together for about three years. He has SD10 and I am child free. He and BM (low conflict, we get along pretty well) have 50/50 with EOWE too. BM works 12 hour shifts so we have SD when BM is working, basically. It works for us. SO just bought a house a few months ago and I moved in with him and SD. It's been ok so far, but it's also been some adjustment for us.