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Insecure Bio-mum...

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Interfered with DH's phone call with the kids again last night.

DH is only allowed to call them within a 2-3 hour window each week. One hour on Tuesday and one hour on Thursday, between 5:15pm and 6:15 pm. Alternate weeks he can also call on Monday.

Anyway, we haven't seen the kids in 5 weeks as they have been on holiday, and phone contact has been patchy. (Cell phone out of range, not charged etc etc.)


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my SS12 is a very entitled boy. Nothing I do for him is good enough.

I bought him some long sleeve shirts, he complained the sleeves were not long enough, although they were longer than a new one his Dad gave him not 3 weeks prior.

I sewed a badge on his sash (which *I* paid for) and was told that it was on slightly crookedly. (It was, but you'd need to look really really really close to see.)

Do your step-children ever..

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say that they wish YOU were their Mother, instead?

This hasn’t happened yet, and I hope it never does! But something that happened over the weekend got me thinking about how I would handle this. My step kids could easily be mistaken for my bios. They have both always been quick to point out to strangers that I’m not their Mother if the topic comes up.

I need to get to a lawyer..

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DH and I have been discussing wills. As we are trying to have children, I want to leave my estate to my children, but HE wants me to split it equally between our kids and his two kids. I don’t think this is fair because then the older two will be 'double dipping' as they will also inherit from their Mother, whereas my/our children will only inherit from ME.