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my SS12 is a very entitled boy. Nothing I do for him is good enough.

I bought him some long sleeve shirts, he complained the sleeves were not long enough, although they were longer than a new one his Dad gave him not 3 weeks prior.

I sewed a badge on his sash (which *I* paid for) and was told that it was on slightly crookedly. (It was, but you'd need to look really really really close to see.)

I printed out some pictures for his school assignment and put them on the coffee table when I got home. DH told him they were there and he just kind of grunted. Later when he looked at them he said "there are TWO of these. I only need ONE."

I sent him some joke emails - he told me that he'd heard them all before.

I can't remember the last time I had a "thankyou" from this child. He used to say it frequently, so I know he know's how!

I don't know if it's worth backing off on how much I do for him. I'm starting to feel used and unappreciated. I could make an issue of it with DH and SS the next time I'm asked to do something. I don't want to be hard on him because after all he's just a kid, but I really don't like this trend.


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Dear Cornflower,
If you don't stick up for yourself and say something, no one will!! Your SS needs to get over the attitude. It's not nice and not respectful. Children need to appreciate how much time and effort goes into every little thing that is done for them. They expect instant gratification and immediate results. It's the new trend in society. Make him help you do something else around the house if you are doing something for him. He needs to understand that life is full of trade offs and nothing is free.
Have your husband give you some help with this!

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My stepson takes advantage of all that I do for him too. My husband will back me on this one. He reminds stepson to say thank you because even though stepson has good manners, he takes things for granted.

I have to remind stepson that I, as his stepmom, don't have to do all of the things that I do for him but I choose to do them. I just want to open his eyes to this fact sometimes.

I agree with Sweetie that your husband should help you to get your stepson to see all that you do for him.