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Welcome to your EOWE...

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Juicy tidbits from the weekend so far and it's only Friday night..

* We bought SD9 2 hermit crabs for her school project, and they are to "live" here. OK no dramas for me even tho' I will be the one who ends up caring for them. You don't have to really look after them much and I was happy to take them on. SD9 wanted to take them home.. and she did for 2 weeks. Should be not big deal, right? Wrong. BB went ape and told SD9 that if the hermit crabs came back to her house again, she would flush them down the toilet. This woman goes from 0 to 100 in one second. All she needed to do was say, "Well darling they need to stay at Daddy's because we can't keep them here." She didn't have to start with the threats straight off the bat. Poor SD9 was quite distressed about it when she got here!

* SS12 has stomped on the piano pedals and kicked in one of the panels of the piano at BB's house. SS12's anger and belligerance seem to be escalating. He has been bullying other kids at school. Parents have gone to BB, but she has the attitude that it must be "them" because her boy is "perfect". Yikes.

* SS12 told me, "Mum said you can give me a haircut. It has to be a number 2 all over, but not straight across like last time, it needs to be rounded at the edges."

Given that we will not see the kids for 5 weeks, I really want to spend the time interacting with them as opposed to cutting hair ready for her extended holiday, in a five star hotel, because she it too cheap to pay for a haircut for him.

I told him that if she did not like the way I did his hair, that maybe she better do it herself this time.

I wonder what her last slave died of.


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That's right! You are not her servant! I'm sure that you cut your stepson's hair when it needs it, not when bio puts in her order for one!

It sounds like your stepson is having some kind of issues. Is this normal for him? Has anyone tried to talk to him about his acting out?

We don't have hermit stepson has a Leopard Gecko. Personally, I like pets that are furry! I take care of the dog and 2 cats. Nevertheless, I make plenty of trips to the pet store to buy crickets and worms.....yuck!!