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SD9 & Piano

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BM enrolled SD9 in piano lessons on Fridays after school (they are held at the school, all year long). She had no interest in it whatsoever, so we are only left to assume that she did it to interfere with DH's time (he picks them up from school on Fridays); but that's sort of irrelevant.

Anyway .. a couple times this year SD9 has forgotten her keyboard. It usually results in a HUGE deal and BM accusing DH of intentionally making her skip lessons. She thinks when SD9 forgets it, DH should drive to her house and pick it up so SD9 can participate. She even filed a contempt charge with the courts to this effect (they go to court June 25).

SD9 forgot her keyboard today. She went to the lesson and just sat there for the full hour, completely unable to participate. When DH asked her why she said, "I don't want Mommy to get mad at me for not going again". *sigh* Sad

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I say, Good move SD9!
Sit there, having forgot you stuff!
A) won't forget with a 1 hour time out in class being your punishment
Dirol DH won't have to deal with BM and her contempt orders for not taking her
C) DH won't have to deal with fetching the forgotten stuff

Win, Win.

Sorry I'm a COD, I forgot my homework, and snowpants and stuff at the other parents when I was a kid. Parents lived 60 minutes apart.
I had to miss recess and take detentions because I forgot my crap, taught me real quick not to forget my crap.