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DH and BM each get one week (7 days) of summer vacation each summer (to be taken during summer break from school). They are required to give 30 days notice of their vacation selection. They alternate who gets "first pick" each year and that communication has to be made by March 1. Vacation supersedes all regular visitation schedules and holidays (specifically says that in the agreement).

BM gets first pick in odd years; she notified DH of her choice back in January.

DH sent an email a few days ago telling her that his week selection was July 3-10 (coincides with his father visiting from out of state).

BM replied and said "no".

LOL .. it literally made me laugh.

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If I was DH I would reply back:

"Yes" along with an attached copy of the CO with the relevant portion highlighted.

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Haha he DID, well sort of. He just replied "Yes" and cc'd his attorney and their parent coordinator. Not another peep since.

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Ha! We have done the same with Donkeykong.

Twice in fact.

You know what the ass had the gall to write back?

"Thank you for telling me something I already know. Unlike you, I don't actually sleep with a copy of the CO."

No jackass, we just READ it. You should try doing that too sometime.


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They have a meeting with their parent coordinator coming up next week to discuss a much bigger custody modification. I'm POSITIVE this will be at the top of BM's list of things to discuss (plus it eats up time and distracts from the real issues they need to work out).

The reality is I'm having a baby in July; this not only represents the last weekend before my due date, but also the ONE visit DH's dad can make out here each year (he lives on the west coast, us on the east). She won't win. There is literally no gray area in the agreement on this issue.

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It's not specified. Only Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christimas and Thanksgiving are specified in the agreement. Every other holiday (including Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc) all go to whichever parent has them in the normal rotation.

But vacation specifically supersedes the normal rotation and summer holidays anyway; so it wouldn't matter.

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Indeed! Blum 3

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Oh she definitely knows. The SDs were excited! They aren't so much excited about the pregnancy part (it just drags on to them), but they're very excited to meet the baby. We didn't find out gender, so they have a running bet about whether it's a boy or a girl (SD9 wants a girl, SD7 wants a boy). Smile

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Do we have the same bm?! Sounds like twat waffle. The court order ONLY applies to dh according to her maggot infested frontal lobe.

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HAHAHAH... BM would do this crap. DH would shut her down with NO and leave it at that. She was trying to get time that wasn't hers though. I guess after not seeing the kids for about a year she thought she got to get them whenever it was convenient for her and yeah, the CO doesn't apply to her Bahahaha.

This is too funny.

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sad thing is, she can simply not turn over the kids that week if she chooses, adn probably nothing will happen.

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Skids will be with us anyway; the only portion of that week that impacts her is the weekend. She would normally pick them up Friday at 6pm until Sunday at 6pm. Skids will already be at our home on the 3rd (summer camp is closed), so there's really no way for her to withhold this time.