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BM is moving .. again

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BM is military; this has resulted in a lot of moves in the last few years.

SD9 will be going into 4th grade next year. This move will mean 4 new schools in the 5 years she's been attending school.

This move is not military-related. She is moving out of convenience .. to be closer to her husband's work. She will be further from her own job but closer to DH.

Distance actually drops from 45 miles to about 11 miles between BM's and DH's homes.

Prior to this move, BM has gone into mediation to negotiate custody changes and lied every time. Her moves have always been intentionally far from him (where she currently lives is actually 40 miles from her duty station in the opposite direction of DH .. no reason to live there other than to be as far from him as possible).

So now that she's voluntarily moving closer, changing the skids' school (and trying to unenroll them from their existing school 2 weeks early), and planning to move to Florida in 2 years when she gets her next set of orders .. DH is asking for a modification of custody.

Their agreement states she has to give 90 days notice (or as soon as she knows) for any move greater than 25 miles from her current residence. We got 25 days notice, and the little "bomb" that skids will be unenrolled from school 2 weeks early since she won't be able to take them. She is also refusing to allow DH to take them (yes, he offered). They have joint legal and physical custody; so she's not really legally allowed to do any of these school changes without his input, but it's not like that's ever stopped her before.

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Currently, they have as close to a 50/50 as they can get, but because of the distance, it really ends up being a 40/60-ish split.

DH wants 50/50, with skids enrolled in his district. Their Parent Coordinator agrees with him; thinks 50/50 is completely feasible and all of their change orders/agreements have always indicated that was the intent. It is literally BM's choice for residence that has prevented it every time.

If they're in a 50/50 split, the school district only matters for purposes of BM's move in 2 years. If they're enrolled in DH's distrcit, it is harder for BM to uproot them yet again. If they're in hers, it's yet ANOTHER change either way.