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Insecure Bio-mum...

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Interfered with DH's phone call with the kids again last night.

DH is only allowed to call them within a 2-3 hour window each week. One hour on Tuesday and one hour on Thursday, between 5:15pm and 6:15 pm. Alternate weeks he can also call on Monday.

Anyway, we haven't seen the kids in 5 weeks as they have been on holiday, and phone contact has been patchy. (Cell phone out of range, not charged etc etc.)

They came back from their holiday over the weekend and were back to school yesterday. DH called them last night, but he was not allowed to talk to his son for long because BioMom made SS go and practice the piano. He wanted to talk to his Dad, but she yanked the phone out of his hand, took the batteries out of handset, and threw them away!

A little later, SD9 handed SS12 the other handset, and BM started yelling at him again. He told her to be quiet he wanted to talk to his Dad. She then started saying that she would fine him from his savings $10 for disobeying her and talking to his Dad. And if he kept talking she would keep fining him.

This is COURT ORDERED phone contact she is interfering with!

I'm livid. Poor kid!!


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That is so bad for the child!! Maybe she needs to be reminded that this is a court ordered thing!! That is borderline parental alienation!!

In our case, there is no court ordered time to call the other parent. We are trying to figure out how to get stepson to want to call the parent whom he is not with at the time. It may just be a kid thing and he just doesn't think about it. I do know, however, that early on in his life, he would ask to call his dad and his mother would never let him. She would get mad at him for asking. I think that this instilled some kind of defense mechanism in him, making him not even think to call.


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my two also freeze up when we try to get them to talk to their mother when they are with us. They simply don't want to!!

I think it could be that a phone call to one parent from the house of another parent makes it harder for them to compartmentalize. Our BM will listen in on all of their calls and make comments to them. She makes them feel uneasy about talking to my DH.. worried about saying the "wrong thing" to him in front of her.. we give them privacy when they talk to her.. but the calls from here are still very, very short.

It's sad they can't feel they can just chatter away.