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Been gone for ages...

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Hi folks

Been gone for ages and lots of new faces on the blog boards.

I just haven't had any time to sit down and read anything... As most of you know we ended up with the kids from July last year due to "illness" of sainted mother. On top of my 40+ hours working week I've been dragging kids here there and everywhere.

Huge projects on at work that has swallowed Christmas (where did it go)... And to top it all DH (love him dearly) ended up with a hernia just before Christmas and has meant no work for him since then. And me doing everything around the house on top of working...

He has been on so much morphine (2x12 hour release morning & evening & 6 x15 minute release during the day), that he has become addicted (so we have been dealing with his pain management and addiction).

He was operated on for the hernia (at last) two weeks ago; and on returning home from the hospital we received a phone call that his grandfather whom he is exceptionally close to had taken a turn for the worst... Spent 4 days on death watch and finally said his final goodbye's last Saturday. my family is devastated (they are a very very close family unit).

Funeral and all the trappings last week and this weekend is the first time since Christmas that my DH and I actually spent two days alone... PEACE!!!

Good news is Dh is finally feeling "better" and he has managed in one week (due to sheer will power) to cut his morphine intake down to 1 tablet in 24 hours and is now pushing through to the 36... 48... hour marks on only 1x12 hour release... the end of the addiction is insight at last!

Sorry not to have been around much; but I'll try pop in again soon.

CornFlower :sick: Smile


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:jawdrop: Holy wow! You sure have been through it lately. ((hugs)) It's great to hear that your husband is so willing and capable of working through his issues, and also great that things finally seem to be on the uptick for you.

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Thanks Doll Face; Yep its been one disaster after another, didn't even mention that his aunt had passed a week before his grandfather, just seemed like too much doom and gloom!

BUT its got to get better... The only way is up right?