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O/T - Surgery finally

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FDH finally had his surgery. He told me on Thursday that it was going to be this past Monday, but I didn't want to get excited b/c it's been scheduled, rescheduled, and cancelled so much already.

I'm sooo exhausted. Turns out Morphine doesn't make FDH sleepy, just weird and high. He called me every hour or hour and a half all night Monday night and when he called at 5:30 in the morning asked me to come back to the hospital to sit with him. Really? *sigh* So I say, "Please, just let me get like 3 hours of sleep in a row." He says ok and sorta gave me the time; he called again at 8 am which is when visiting hours start anyway.

What really suprised me is that they let him come home yesterday. He says he isn't in much pain, which is good, but the pain meds they gave him make him nauseous and they didn't give him anything for that.