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Old User - New Name

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Hey Folks

Think I have been "stalked" so all blogs deleted and new User name. Note to self*** BE CAUTIOUS *****


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I often wonder too and I hope she NEVER finds me. Not because of what I say, I speak the truth and she has no proof it is in fact me to use against BF, but this is my only place to speak freely, she stalks my FB and runs back to SO bitching about what I say about her, and he tells her to stay off my page. Then she claims I have a "hard on" for her. HMMMM you are stalking MY FB to see what I say about you and I have the hard on. I don't stalk her FB or whatever other online forums if any she visits. I don't care what she says about me.

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Thanks Folks

DH knows I am on here; He has never looked! It's a respect of privacy issue for him.... And mostly I tell him what I write anyway. BUT its not the same for Lets call her "The Muppet" rather than anything else I have called her cos that'll just be a dead give away...

From now onwards just going to refer to her as The muppet... Tired of being watched with everything I do, say or think... Tired of having the responsibility but none of the say so... Just plain tired of the whole situation...

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Muppet....funny....We call the road BM lives on Muppet Lane....for Miss Piggy...she is her twin and her BF could pass for Kermit!

Same here about the BM saying "we stalk her FB"...when she is the one blocked from our accounts and when we do make a comment (it could be to anyone, but I guess she has a guilty conscious)and thinks everything I say is about her...well it all her fat ass friends with nothing better to do going back and telling her everything..she actually had one of my FB friends, who really is not even a friend, give her her password so she could stalk me! Pathetic little lives they have...I am a 47 yr old woman with no time for such drama..I have been married twice with three kids and have never experienced such nonsense in all my years!