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Disengage or not...that was the question???

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Hi just a quick update...

Well we had "the talk"...

I said : You have two choices:

1. I stop doing EVERYTHING... from the cleaning; to the expecting the skids to be respectful etc etc... all my list of complaints (I purely step out of the "family unit" and you deal with EVERYTHING.


2. I continue to do the Cooking; ironing; helping with the kids etc BUT then I get to expect the correct treatment and behaviour from said skids... right down to the discipline and respect!!!

YOU AND I will decide what is expected of said children TOGETHER and what discipline will be handed out for transgressions and YOU WILL back me up and enforce my position as YOUR partner and HEAD of the household!!

DH chose Number 2.... but I did tell him I aint doing everything he pulls his weight and backs me 100% or I will NOT do it. And backs me at ALL TIMES regardless of where we are... (the favorite of these kids is to run to the grandparents when we are in company). I have said if he doesn't back me up at all times I am finished attempting to be dual head of this household.

Lets see what happens...


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Good luck and I agree with getting a therapist. They will talk to your husband about making you #1, setting boundaries and demanding you get respect.